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  1. I agree that’s strange. It could be down to the design of the circuit, it being buffered and all, or it could of course be a small mistake on your build. If you don’t particularly care about it being buffered I’d hardwire it in effect and do a regular true-bypass.

  2. This is strange. I build me another one of these and by itself it works perfect, but in front of other pedals it behave strange. When on everything is fine but in bypass the other effects doesn’t give a sound? Ex: If i has the “Cake” in bypass mode, the tuner goes banana but with the cake turned on i can tune again.

  3. Hi, I’m planning to make this effect some time but does someone has already solved the problem of the half second delay? And how did you people wire it up? buffered of true bypass?

  4. My first thought is a capacitor charging up, but that’s where I stop being helpful.

  5. LaceSensor, I also get the half second delay. Anyone else observe this and find a solution?

  6. Thanks Harald. I didn’t really know what “buffered” meant and then I remembered that Boss pedals are buffered and not true bypass. Thanks for the clarification.

  7. Yes, the DPDT replaces the regular 3PDT you’d normally use. I.e. this is a buffered effect and not true-bypass.

  8. Harald

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. Does the DPDT switch that is part of this build take the place of the normal 3PDT bypass switching that one normally installs with any pedal?


  9. From what little I’ve read about this circuit there seems to be several slightly different versions; the circuit probably evolved somewhat over the years. I picked a schematic/part values based on what people have recommended on various forums etc. You can always swap the values if there’s another version you prefer to build (you may also accommodate an extra component or two on the layout, but that’s up to you).

  10. Has anyone tried the kit from http://www.uk-electronic.de/Download/Beschreibung%20Hotcake%20Clone.pdf
    ? Cause there they use other values and a little more components? What would be the difference between this vero and that kit?

  11. However I get switch pop,, and also when turning the effect on there is a half second delay while the distortion fades in. Wierd.
    any thoughts on that?

  12. Hey Harald. You can mark this as verified.


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