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  1. Does anybody have a layout that fits better into a 1590B? Maybe with small precision trim pots and not all trannies in a row…

  2. Does anybody know, if the PAL 800 JCM Emulator is based on this circuit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ17g6qsn3k

  3. Sorry Riccardo,
    It’s not my schematic so I don’t want to host it, but do a google search for “jcm800 preamp emulator schematic” and you will surely find it!

  4. Hi,
    Please can we load the electrical schematics?
    Many thanks

  5. I don’t think you have to have all the controls at a specific place, but somewhere in the middle is probably a good starting point.
    Check out the FAQ section for some ideas on biasing JFETs (I recommend the audio probe).

  6. How do I go about bias this?when I set everything to 4.5v it start to cut out after a couple of second. Plus I noticed if I have the the preamp control up all the way the voltage changes. Are all my control suppose to be a certain way? Thanks

  7. You’re right, Tim.

  8. Where would the output coupling cap go exactly? Between e27 and volume 3?

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