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  1. What the switch is for ?

  2. No. It would start at the same stage every time.

  3. No, probably not, I’m afraid. Sorry.

  4. Hi

    Would the 3 effects CMOS switcher remember which loop was last engaged on powering up?

    Best regards

  5. could this or something similar be used to route multiple pedals with expression jacks to one expression controller?

  6. Sorry I can’t be of more help, Bart. It’s an interesting switching variant, and shouldn’t be that hard to pull off. It would be very easy to do with a micro controller if you’re into that. Probably doable using analog electronics too, but I’m not very good at that side of things.

  7. Thanks a lot for your reply. You’ve descrived exactly what I need a three switch looper where engaging one loop disengages the other two. I realize I can;t do it with 3pdt or 4pdt but I don;t really care too much about true bypass. Do you know of any project/layout/schematic on the Web that would offer such possibilities? I\ve looked around but I can’t find anything so far.

  8. Bart,
    First off, this one isn’t in any way true-bypass, and could possibly affect your tone etc. It’s something I put together for a project/idea that never materialized. All three loop outputs are always connected to the output jack, and the input jack is routed to either of the three circuit inputs (switch cycles through).

    If I understand you correctly you want three loops, each with a dedicated “On” switch, and where engaging one loop disengages the other two? It can surely be done, but I don’t think this one is going to be the solution, sorry 🙁

  9. Harald!

    I absolutely love this site! 🙂

    Can you (or anybody following this thread) explain to me how this thing is supposed to work? Three loops + 1 switch? I don’t quite get it. Is it like: you engage the switch and loop 1 gets activated, you engage it again and you get loop 2, and so on?

    The reason I’m asking is that I’m looking for a signal router with three switches that would allow me to instantenously route the singnal to three different effects (e.g. distortions), where I don’t need to disengage the switch to engage another one. Sort of like TEch 21 TRI AC. Can this project be modified for such a purpose?


  10. Great – thanks!

  11. Yes, you’re correct. And that switch looks about right.

  12. Hi – the switch is momentary, non-latching, correct? Like this? http://www.mammothelectronics.com/4SFSSPST-M-p/800-1003.htm

  13. Hi Paddy. If you want to switch between only two effects this can be done passively using only a 3PDT mechanical switch. Look in the “schematics & drawings” section, there should be a wiring illustration for one box, two channels.

  14. How would I hook this up if I only wanted to switch between 2 effects? I was thinking of using this with two of the ROG distortions, using them as preamps and sending out to a small power amp.

  15. Hi Marcos. Happy you sorted it out, and thanks 🙂

  16. I’ve already figure it out.. sorry!!! Really stupid question!!!

    By the way, I really dig you site

  17. Hello!

    I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but where shoud I place the 3rd switch?


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