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  1. You know what, I am mixing things up. I do have the schematic. Look in your mailbox.

  2. I have same problem with James’s problem. I completed circuit step by step and there is no problem. however, there are so many cut offs on sound and pedal volume is so low. Can you help me?

    Thanks for help Harald 🙂

  3. Hi Burk,
    I actually don’t have the schematic at hand, it’s in a book by Brian Wampler: “How to Modify Guitar Pedals”

  4. Hi harald
    Can you send all circuit diagram with pot and switch lining through my email adress?
    If you can do it to me, i will be so happy Cause i need this pedal too much 😉

  5. thank you very much for your great job. sounds very good. I’m satisfied.

  6. In the lower right-hand part of the layout there’s a small list of additional connections required. You’ll notice one that says “output” is taken straight from lug #2 on the Master pot.

  7. Sorry, where can i find the “output” on this schematic? Thanks a lot….

  8. You should be able to find the schematic if you search http://www.freestompboxes.org.
    Are you saying the whole circuit, including the boost, used to work, but now the circuit works fine without boost and is next to silent when you engage the boost stage? I.e. there’s something wrong with the boost stage specifically?

  9. My boost worked now it doesnt the volume completely cuts out and I can hear it faintly (very very low volume). Any ideas? I checked the ics all are in tact. Is there a schematic anywhere? Some volatage readings?

  10. Yes, the “input” label on the board corresponds with the circuit input on the 3PDT and the “output” label (here it’s taken off Master 2) corresponds to the circuit output on the 3PDT.

  11. Thanks Harold ,also can I ask the input from the board goes to the ”bypass switch”[3dpdt] and lug 2 from the master vollume pot goes to the bypass switch as well ,Ill check out the step by step section now

  12. Hi Peter.
    No, there are no components on the vero side. And yes, you’re right about the jumpers; they’re only connected at the end-points (also on the top side of the board). If you skim through the “step-by-step” section you might get a feel for how it should be done.
    Good luck 🙂

  13. Hi Harald ,I was wandering if I was to build this pedal with the cuts and jumpers and the components as shown above in theory this pedal should work do you need to connect any component together under the board as I have seen on small bears projects .they connect parts with resistor cutoffs .Also the jumpers are soldered on just the ends I take it.

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