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Tap-Tempo Clock

Update (25.04.2016): The new version (v2) is up and running, and I’ll try to share as much as possible on github.

Source code


Example schematic (not yet verified)

Update (09.07.2014): And here’s the new vero layout! Unfortunately I haven’t verified this one as I patched my original, faulty board rather than creating a new one. But I have looked it over and it should be good ๐Ÿ˜‰

For those few of you interested in building this for yourself, I’ll try to stock the shop section with a few pre-programmed Tap-Tempo Clock chips as soon as the empty ones I ordered arrives. If possible I’ll also include a 20-pin DIP socket and the 8MHz crystal.


Tap-Tempo Clock box keeping my tremolo sync’ed.

TapTempoClock in action (more…)

Updated: 25 April, 2016 — 23:05

Amp #3

Update (18.05.2014): I’ve made a few changes, mainly removing the FX-loop, and also put together a basic layout since I’ve had several requests for that as well. But to keep in mind this isn’t a simple color by numbers project; you need to know how to wire all of this properly, and you also have to keep safety in mind working with high voltages!



Updated: 18 May, 2014 — 13:56

Trembulator with tap-tempo

I absolutely love the sound of the Baja Trembulator, so what better project to start with when it’s time to try the tap-tempo LFO micro controller?


This is a very basic adaptation; just the signal part of the Trembulator with the standard LFO circuit replaced with the micro controller (and associated components).

I kept all the multipliers, but didn’t really care for the ramp waves, and the triangle wave was very similar to the sine wave, so I decided to keep only the sine- and square wave settings.


I did try this on breadboard, so I’m fairly confident it’ll work. Will update once I’ve built it.

And if you can’t figure out how to compile and program the uC I’ll consider setting a few up and ship out for cost (depending on demand etc.)

Updated: 9 November, 2013 — 00:34
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