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ADA Flanger

I always wanted to make this flanger! This vero layout is based on a schematic by moosapotamus. Given the size of this thing I’d be surprised if it doesn’t contain a few mistakes.

Update (14.07.2011): I’ve worked on populating this board over the last couple days and I found two mistakes on the vero layout (so far), two resistors both labeled R63 and C21 should be 1uF and not 1nF. I’ll update the layout, but I would like to verify that the layout is correct first. So far I’ve got sound but no flanging and next step is giving the whole board a look over to make sure I’ve got all the components in the right places. Wish me luck…

Update (29.07.2011): Just finished populating, debugging and correcting my first take on the MN3007 ADA Flanger vero circuit, and now it works!

There were two mistakes on the initial vero layout, a mislabeling of R62 and C21 should have been 1uF and not 1nF. The vero layout has been updated and is now verified.

Note: You’ll notice Q1 looks a little strange. I used a 2N3819 with a different pinout so I had to bend the legs around a bit. Also, don’t count on the trimmer settings you see in this picture, I was playing around with the adjustments.

Update (20.10.2011): Fixed dead picture link.

Update (14.11.2012): Finally got around to calibrating and boxing this one up. What a great flanger (and what a complicated build)!

You can kind of make out my trimmer settings here too, which may or may not be of any help.

Update (16.11.2012): It’s worth mentioning that I used the latching relay vero and a soft-touch stomp switch in place of a 3PDT (seen in the lower left part of the gut shot). Also, in the upper left corner, you’ll notice a small voltage doubler circuit that converts +9v to +18v. I didn’t have any luck getting enough voltage to the circuit in the end, trying both ICL7660S, MAX1044 and LT1054. The voltage doubler circuit itself was able to put out about +17v, but this was for some reason that I should probably know loaded down to about +15v when connecting it to the main circuit. In short the circuit is getting a bit less voltage than it should, but I was able to get it working fine regardless.

Updated: 21 December, 2012 — 21:05
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