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Tap-Tempo Clock

Update (25.04.2016): The new version (v2) is up and running, and I’ll try to share as much as possible on github.

Source code


Example schematic (not yet verified)

Update (09.07.2014): And here’s the new vero layout! Unfortunately I haven’t verified this one as I patched my original, faulty board rather than creating a new one. But I have looked it over and it should be good ๐Ÿ˜‰

For those few of you interested in building this for yourself, I’ll try to stock the shop section with a few pre-programmed Tap-Tempo Clock chips as soon as the empty ones I ordered arrives. If possible I’ll also include a 20-pin DIP socket and the 8MHz crystal.


Tap-Tempo Clock box keeping my tremolo sync’ed.

TapTempoClock in action (more…)

Updated: 25 April, 2016 — 23:05

Request: Way Huge Fat Sandwich

FatSandwichI’m checking in today posting a layout for just another dirt box. This one, however, seemed a bit more interesting than your average tube screamer; or at least the schematic did. I’m not sure how this thing is going to sound, but hopefully it’ll work at least. There are a few unknowns, specifically the MOSFET and the clipping diodes, but I’m guessing these can be common substitutes for the most part.

The layout is based on a schematic from this forum thread.

Update (18.02.2014): Now verified as working, thanks to Freppo!

Updated: 18 February, 2014 — 17:46
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