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Tap-tempo v3

I’ve been working on (still am to be honest) a new version of the tap-tempo LFO. There’s a few new features, like:

  • Rotary encoder input toggling between and selecting multiplier, waveform and tempo adjustments.
  • The just mentioned speed adjustment – You can now micro-adjust a given tempo rather than having to tap in a new one.
  • New “random” waveform – I hope to get some fun out of this one myself.
  • Many new multipliers (Base tempo is 4/4):
    • Whole notes
    • Dotted half notes (new)
    • Half notes
    • Dotted quarter notes (new)
    • Quarter notes (1:1)
    • Dotted eighth notes (new)
    • Eighth notes
    • Dotted sixteenth notes (new)
    • Triplet notes (new)
    • Sixteenth notes
  • LED indicators for both base tempo and actual tempo (current multiplier).

Source code is now available for free on github under GPLv3.

It’s not done yet, but getting there. I plan on also bringing the attiny85 up to the same standard (minus a few features). As earlier, I’ll also try to keep a few pre-programmed chips available for those who prefer not to get into the programming side of things.

Keep watching this space for more info soon.

Updated: 26 March, 2016 — 00:56

StripboardCAD version 1.2

stripboardcad_app_iconThe second update to StripboardCAD is finished and awaiting publishing on the App Store.

This update s focused on improving the parts list and how you interact with it. There’s lots of small improvements and a few large ones as well.

Head over to the changelog page for the Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40details.

Updated: 7 February, 2016 — 14:15

StripboardCAD version 1.1 on it’s way

stripboardcad_app_iconI’ve just about finished the first major update to StripboardCAD. What remains now is a bit of testing, and the App Store submission process.

This update is all about fixing an annoying issue with some layouts missing some of the parts list; an issue I discovered right after the initial release. Along with the bug fix I’ve rewritten most of the layout generation engine, adding some more options and general tweaking.

As a bonus I’ve added a few requested features that were easy to implement, amongst them the ability to create layouts with the component values printed directly on (rather than the label).

Full change log when everything goes live. And I welcome feedback, of course 🙂Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

Update (15.08.2015): The update is now making it’s way to the App Store, hopefully soon 🙂

I’ve added a change log page for keeping track of what’s being added as time goes by. Also, do let me know if you have issues, requests of ideas of improvement 🙂

Updated: 16 August, 2015 — 02:43

iPad app – StripboardCAD

stripboardcad_app_iconRelease for version 1 of my new stripboard/veroboard layout app for the iPad is quickly approaching, and I’ve begun setting up support and info pages. There will be more to come, hopefully very soon 🙂

Update (09.05.2015): App has been approved and will be available in the app store starting today! 🙂


Updated: 8 August, 2015 — 00:38

Tap-Tempo Clock

Update (25.04.2016): The new version (v2) is up and running, and I’ll try to share as much as possible on github.

Source code


Example schematic (not yet verified)

Update (09.07.2014): And here’s the new vero layout! Unfortunately I haven’t verified this one as I patched my original, faulty board rather than creating a new one. But I have looked it over and it should be good 😉

For those few of you interested in building this for yourself, I’ll try to stock the shop section with a few pre-programmed Tap-Tempo Clock chips as soon as the empty ones I ordered arrives. If possible I’ll also include a 20-pin DIP socket and the 8MHz crystal.


Tap-Tempo Clock box keeping my tremolo sync’ed.

TapTempoClock in action (more…)

Updated: 25 April, 2016 — 23:05
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