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Request: Way Huge Fat Sandwich

FatSandwichI’m checking in today posting a layout for just another dirt box. This one, however, seemed a bit more interesting than your average tube screamer; or at least the schematic did. I’m not sure how this thing is going to sound, but hopefully it’ll work at least. There are a few unknowns, specifically the MOSFET and the clipping diodes, but I’m guessing these can be common substitutes for the most part.

The layout is based on a schematic from this forum thread.

Update (18.02.2014): Now verified as working, thanks to Freppo!

Updated: 18 February, 2014 — 17:46

Request: Suhr Riot, take 2

Apparently the Riot has been retraced and a new schematic has emerged with a few changes that might explain why the first one didn’t quite hit the mark. Hopefully this new schematic will be spot on.


Note that there are a number of small changes compared to the first one, and this vero is not interchangeable (cuts, jumpers and components have been moved).

Update (31.03.2013): Now verified as working, thanks to agung.

On a different note, most any general purpose silicon diodes would probably work fine as substitutes for the 51Y. Experiment with a few different ones or just pick the ones you have at hand.

Updated: 1 April, 2013 — 00:48

Request: Marshall ShredMaster

Here’s a quick vero layout for the Marshal ShredMaster. I’m assuming this is a distortion of some kind just from the name alone. Let me know what you think if you build it.


Update (22.02.2013): Built this one tonight and it works. Thanks to Timothy for verifying this one as well. There seems to be an oscillation issue with the drive at max. Placing a resistor in series with the “Drive 3” connection fixed it for me (I used 22k).

Update (23.06.2013): So apparently there’s two schematics of this effect floating around, and they’re slightly different. Since a few people have had trouble building this I decided to make a layout for the second schematic as well. With a bit of luck this is the one that works 😉


Both schematics can be found in this thread over at My initial version is based on the “1992” schematic, and this new one is (obviously) based on the other one, dated “4/17/02”.

Update (25.06.2013): Just built this second version and it works as advertised without any modifications. There was a bit of oscillation with all controls dimed, but this is not surprising with long test leads attached to the pots flying everywhere, and I expect this to be gone once properly boxed.

If you’re thinking of building this effect I’d go for the second layout, though both work.

Update (26.12.2013): I’ve had this thing around for some time now, but didn’t put knobs on it until today. Here’s how it came out. I’m quite liking it 🙂

ShredMaster buildShredMaster gut shotShredMaster board

Updated: 26 December, 2013 — 14:44

Request: Catalinbread SFT

Here’s one for the new year! This is a vero layout for the Catalinbread SFT, from what I understand a circuit based on the Ampeg SVT preamp. Should be good for both bass and guitar; let me know as usual 🙂


Update (04.02.2013): After building this one last night I decided to change the Gain pot from a log to a reverse log type to get more useful settings from it. With the audio pot there was nothing happening until about 3 o’clock. Seems to be working now; tried it on both guitar and bass.

Update (22.02.2013): Rev. 2: Removed text claiming there’s a cut underneath R24 which there isn’t.

Updated: 22 February, 2013 — 18:21

Request: W****** *innacle

This looks very similar to the BSiaB2, so I’m guessing it’s supposed to sound like a Marshall. Enjoy.

Update (31.01.2013): Revision 1; fixed a mistake on the layout where C17 was misplaced. Thanks to Pierre for spotting this.

Update (02.02.2013): Now verified, thanks to Kenneth and Pierre. If you’re having trouble matching JFETs for this one try lowering the drain resistors on Q5 and Q6 to 15k (R15 and R25).

Updated: 2 February, 2013 — 15:03

SabroDrive Two

I’m still learning the basics and this one is a (small) step up from my first adventure. It’s still a dirt pedal, but with a novel and not very useful idea.

It’s made up of more or less well known sections. The input buffer/gain stage was borrowed from the AMZ mosfet boost. I can’t remember exactly where I got the EQ section from, but I do believe I took it from Merlin Blencowe’s preamp book and changed it to an active tone stack. The dirt section is basically half of a BSiaB2 circuit, and the output buffer is a straight forward source follower.

The signal always starts by going through the boost section and always ends at the output buffer, but I added switching so that the EQ- and dirt sections can be swapped (based on the juggler article on In other words you get to choose whether the EQ section goes before or after the dirt stage, and you can hear the difference, no really 🙂

Anyway, here’s a working vero layout for this thing.

And here’s how my build came out. Compared to my first one this feels kind of useful!

Updated: 21 December, 2012 — 22:33
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