New layout for the BMP

Update (03.05.2014): Green russian version verified, and I’m calling the layout verified, thanks to rydia.

In between doing other stuff I decided I wanted to revamp an old layout, or a BigMuffPinumber of old layouts actually. So I’ve created a single vero layout for the Big Muff Pi that should cover most of the various versions that are floating around out there. I also think the layout in general is a little bit neater than the old ones. Let me know what you think and how it sounds 🙂

Updated: 4 May, 2014 — 00:31


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  1. My guess is there’s a small mistake somewhere. Have you read the debugging section?

  2. hi there, I juist finished building the black russian version and although it sounds, it has very low gain, i put every pot at max and it barely distorts, what could it be? thx!

  3. Nice, Roberto 🙂

  4. Hi Harald,

    I’ve just built the Ram’s head version using your layout and it’s working good (I think)! For the footswitch I have also used your diagram.

    Before that, I had only listened to a modern USA made and this appears to be more like a distortion, but becomes into real muff when setting volume to max. Seems to be nice!

    Thank you very much!

    Regards from Spain

  5. Yes, you’re right. Lug #2 on the volume pot IS the output. If you use true-bypass wiring you run a wire from volume #2 to the 3PDT.
    And not a stupid question. Everyone starts out somewhere! Happy building 🙂

  6. Hi Harald,

    I’ve just build the Civil War up following the layout above, but once wiring i realised that I don’t know where is the output of the pcb, I mean, on the notes you say that volume 2 goes to output but I cannot find it.

    Did you mean that volumen 2 works like the output of the pcb?, that means that vol.2 goes straight to the 3pdt lug?

    My appologies if it’s a stupid question, first time I’m building stuff, I’m a rookie.


  7. Thanks for verifying!

  8. Thanks for the layouts! This one–well, the Green Russian part, at least–can be considered verified. Very cool idea. I’m looking forward to tweaking it a bit and blending in other variations.

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