Misc utility circuits

Added various utility circuits to the “Other” category of vero layouts.

CMOS switching circuit that can be used to route an input to the input of either of three different circuits:

+9v DC regulated power supply unit. Can be updated for +18v by changing to capacitors rated 25v+ and a +18v regulator:

A standard charge pump circuit that can give you -9v. Use either alone (for those positive ground effects) or in conjunction with the +9v for bi-polar power:


A voltage doubler using either the 7660S or the MAX1044 IC. This will give you almost +18v from a +9v supply:


Same as the above voltage doubler (+9v to ~+18v), but using a higher current IC (the LT1054):


Outputs a 1000Hz sine wave with a user variable amplitude. Use for injecting a test signal when debugging:

JFET testing circuit. I used this to match transistors for the Phase 90:


Updated: 21 December, 2012 — 20:55


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  1. I built that 7660S 9v to 18v voltage doubler. Works perfectly!

  2. I believe, off the top of my head, that the 1054 has 10x the current capability, but do check the datasheets to be sure. For those effects you might get away with using a 1044. Typical dirt effects use much less power than stuff like delay and chorus etc.

  3. Looking at 18v doubler. When you say higher current, how much difference is there between max1044 version and lt1054 version. I want to put multiple effects in one box.
    Simple optical Compressor, clean boost, choice of fuzz – big muff/tone bender, tone stack, finally a blend. I wanted to use 18v on boost and fuzz to add headroom. 9v everywhere else. Do you think Max1044 will do?

  4. The 1N914 should be a perfectly good substitute.

  5. Hi all.
    Is a 1n914 a viable sub for the 4148 in the voltage doubler?

  6. Hi, I’m building Okko Diablo at this moment and i want to put there charge pump with switch, I’m rookie at this stuff and i don’t know where to connect this switch 🙁 I have 2 position spst.

  7. Tim, looking at the datasheet it seems so.

  8. Question about the higher current charge pump (http://www.sabrotone.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/VoltageDoublerLT1054.gif)

    I am browsing on mouser and found this ic: http://ca.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Texas-Instruments/LT1054CP/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMuCocSLMfZw%2fyGSoHZPoTgByzTJiBAZ4hc%3d

    It says that it provides a regulated output. Can I the use a non-regulated 9v input and get 18v regulated output?

  9. The audio oscillator is great! Works just fine, makes a beautiful sine wave. It’s nice to see what all the pedals do to the wave form. Thanks!

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