StripboardCAD version 1.1 on it’s way

stripboardcad_app_iconI’ve just about finished the first major update to StripboardCAD. What remains now is a bit of testing, and the App Store submission process.

This update is all about fixing an annoying issue with some layouts missing some of the parts list; an issue I discovered right after the initial release. Along with the bug fix I’ve rewritten most of the layout generation engine, adding some more options and general tweaking.

As a bonus I’ve added a few requested features that were easy to implement, amongst them the ability to create layouts with the component values printed directly on (rather than the label).

Full change log when everything goes live. And I welcome feedback, of course ๐Ÿ™‚Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

Update (15.08.2015): The update is now making it’s way to the App Store, hopefully soon ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve added a change log page for keeping track of what’s being added as time goes by. Also, do let me know if you have issues, requests of ideas of improvement ๐Ÿ™‚

Updated: 16 August, 2015 — 02:43

iPad app – StripboardCAD

stripboardcad_app_iconRelease for version 1 of my new stripboard/veroboard layout app for the iPad is quickly approaching, and I’ve begun setting up support and info pages. There will be more to come, hopefully very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Update (09.05.2015): App has been approved and will be available in the app store starting today! ๐Ÿ™‚


Updated: 8 August, 2015 — 00:38

Quick update on app progress

As quite a few of you know I spent most of my time last year working on a vero layout app for iPad. I was initially hoping to finish it up by Christmas, but ย obviously I missed that mark. That’s the bad news.

The good news is I’m still working diligently getting it done (I guess that might actually be bad news for those of you hoping I’d have more layouts ready instead). I’ve got the famous 90% ready, and only missing the last 10% that always end up taking the most time.

Here’s a few screenshots so you can get an idea where I’m at right now.


As you can see I did a quick mock-up of the Korg SDD-3000 layout, and it looks quite nice. But you’ll also notice there are a few things missing still.

All the basic graphics work is done, with only minor tweaks remaining. It’s vector based, scrolls and zooms nicely, and looks great when exported to PDF. There’s the component picker on the left and the parts list on the right, and you basically just tap, draw and move stuff around as you wish.

There’s a basic menu for entering meta data, like layout title, author etc. and this info will of course end up on the exported layout along with the layout image and parts list.

As my goal for version 1 is to be able to replicate my own layouts the way I have them drawn now, I’ve left out things like pots, switches and wire. That’s not to say they won’t be included, but not in version 1 (or I’ll never finish this thing). What I’m going to have instead is an “off-board” menu where textual representation of these things can be entered (like my layouts today).

The export menu is also under construction still. I’m hoping to be able to generate both PDFs and PNGs, but may cut it short with just PDF to get started.

Also, not visible here, is a file manager back-end that needs to be in place before release. I have something very basic right now that needs to be replaced with something proper. iCloud-support may or may not make it for this version, but I’m sure to add it eventually since it’s a feature I want to use myself.

Plans now are to complete the missing parts and try to get this thing up on the App Store somehow. I think there’s a beta-program as well, but again, that’s another few developer documents/books I need to consume to have it all figured out. We’ll see, but in the event I’ll have a beta run I’ll be happy with all the help I can get.

And so I have a somewhat awkward question for all of you. Assuming I’ll get this thing out the door, I need to put a price tag on it. I’m not totally comfortable charging money for the things I provide here (I like giving stuff away), but then again I can certainly also use what funding I would get and put it back into future development and other related projects. I have probably spent several hundred hours on this so far (most of it being a lot of fun) and would of course like to see other people getting some use from this, but in the end I did build it for myself first and foremost. What do you people think? What would you be realistically willing to spend on an app like this? From asking around amongst friend I get everything from $1 to $100.

Anyway. Hope you all have a great 2015!

Updated: 13 January, 2015 — 01:17

I’m still here!

In case you were wondering, I’m still around. So here’s a quick update on what’s going on.

First of all, if you haven’t yet heard, I’ve gotten myself involved in iOS development. Specifically, I’m working on an iPad app that can handle drawing vero layouts, just because that’s a tool I’ve been wanting for myself. It’s lots of fun and very time consuming, and it’s what I spend probably 90% of my free time doing these days. With a bit of luck I’m hoping to have the first version done before the end of the year.

Second, I’ve been tinkering with the tap-tempo stuff for a while now. And as far as the chips themselves go I’m really happy. Where I’m less than happy is with the implementation. Having built the clock box, a tremolo and a phaser now, I’m seeing/hearing clock noise on the audio path and it’s not going anywhere ๐Ÿ™ Time to finally read up on analog/digital grounding, noise handling, layout considerations etc. Any suggestions on good books or places to start reading?

Finally, I haven’t given up on drawing layouts. And when/if I get the aforementioned software up and running I plan on a major overhaul of all the content here, as well as a lot of new layouts.

Stay in touch, and happy building!

Updated: 1 September, 2014 — 19:42

Planning to move

Update (10.08.2014): Looks like it’s working correctly, and everything should now be running on the new host. Let me know if something isn’t quite working.

Hah! No stupid out-of-memory warnings when accessing the shopping cart ๐Ÿ™‚


Updated: 10 August, 2014 — 20:29

Tap-Tempo Clock

Update (25.04.2016): The new version (v2) is up and running, and I’ll try to share as much as possible on github.

Source code


Example schematic (not yet verified)

Update (09.07.2014): And here’s the new vero layout! Unfortunately I haven’t verified this one as I patched my original, faulty board rather than creating a new one. But I have looked it over and it should be good ๐Ÿ˜‰

For those few of you interested in building this for yourself, I’ll try to stock the shop section with a few pre-programmed Tap-Tempo Clock chips as soon as the empty ones I ordered arrives. If possible I’ll also include a 20-pin DIP socket and the 8MHz crystal.


Tap-Tempo Clock box keeping my tremolo sync’ed.

TapTempoClock in action (more…)

Updated: 25 April, 2016 — 23:05
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