Tap-Tempo Clock v2 (w/ IC socket and crystal)

Tap-Tempo Clock v2 (w/ IC socket and crystal)

Atmel ATtiny861 micro controller, pre-programmed with the tap-tempo clock code. Also included is a 20-pin IC socket and an 8MHz crystal oscillator.

kr 45,00

Source code, pinout, schematic etc. can be found here.

More info on the project here.

Tap-tempo Clock
Source code version:
Micro controller:
DIP-20, socket is included.
Operating frequency:
8MHz (external crystal oscillator), included.
– Single tempo switch controlling many different tap-tempo effects. – Keep different tap-tempo effects in sync. – Can itself be controlled by an external clock signal. – Optional manual adjustments to the input tempo (using potmeter or expression pedal). – Adjustment ranges from a few milliseconds to a full 1.5 seconds. – Single-tap tempo alignment. – Optional tempo averaging. See PDF for more info.

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