Tap-tempo LFO v3 8-pin

Tap-tempo LFO v3 8-pin

Atmel ATtiny85 micro controller, pre-programmed with the tap-tempo LFO v3 code

kr 25,00

Tap-tempo LFO chip in 8-pin package (attiny85)

New in version 3:

  • Random waveform.
  • Several new dotted tempo multipliers.

Source code


Example schematic


Note: Built including the external sync input option, meaning HVSP is required if you want to re-program at a later time.

Tap-tempo LFO
Source code version:
Micro controller:
Atmel ATtiny85
Operating frequency:
8MHz (internal oscillator)
Tap-tempo input range:
0.05 sec. – 10 sec.
Multiplier options:
1:4 1:2 1:1 2:1 4:1
Waveform options:
Sine Ramp up Ramp down Triangle Square Random
LFO frequency range:
0.025Hz – 80Hz (multipliers included)
– Tap-tempo switch input – Clock sync input – Waveform selection ADC input – Multiplier selection ADC input
– LFO waveform output – Clock sync / LED indicator output

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