Own stuff

  • Kompressor [Verified] – VCA compressor. A simplified take on the SSL 4000 mixbus compressor.
  • Lighthaus [Verified] – Distortion. A light-weight version of the “Openhaus”.
  • Mutant [Verified] – A mutation of the Marshall Shredmaster.
  • Sabro Drive One [Verified] – Boost/overdrive.
  • SabroDrive Two [Verified] – Distortion with pre/post tone stack.
  • Tap-Tempo Chorus [Verified] – Adaptation of the Boss CE-2 chorus to te LFO v2 chip.
  • Tap-Tempo Clock [Verified] – Centralized tap-tempo controller.
  • Tap-Tempo Phaser [Verified] – Adaptation of the MXR Phase 90 phaser to the LFO v2 chip.
  • Tap-Tempo Trembulator [Not yet verified] – The Baja Trembulator adapted for use with the tap-tempo micro controller.
  • Tap-tempo Tremolo [Verified] – A heavily adapted Trembulator using the tap-tempo v2 micro controller.
  • Tap-tempo Tremolo, alternate version [Not yet verified] – Loosely based on the Tremulus Lune, using the same v2 LFO controller.
  • Tube Screamer Derivative [Verified] – Mash of a few different TS-like circuits w/ added “Blend”.
  • Vibrato [Verified] – Fairly simple opamp vibrato based on the first stage of the Phase 90.
  • Workhorse [Verified] – Overdrive in the Centaur genre, with a few odd changes and modifications.

3 thoughts on “Own stuff

  1. Hi Harald,
    Want to talk to you about the expansion of content on your site, but can’t find any contacts (exept twitter account). Can you e-mail me please?) It’s about schematics and usual layouts not vero.

  2. I use a freeware application called DIY layout creator. You’ll find the author’s website (with a download section) in the link section on the right hand side; DIY-fever.

  3. Hi!

    I just wonder what software you use to design a stripboard/veroboard?

    Is it free?

    Thanks in advance and regards from switzerland


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