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What’s new in version 1.2:

This update is mainly focused on improving the parts list. Notably you can now rearrange the order in which components are drawn. There are also a number of changes designed to make it easier and more manageable to design layouts, whether large or small.

NOTE: Due to extensive changes “under the hood” existing layouts have to be converted to a new format before they can be accessed.
Layout format:
– Converted layouts (and new ones) are not compatible with older versions of the app. Keep this in mind if you use more than one device.
– When opening an older layout you will be asked if you want to convert it or not.

Regular parts list:
– Components are grouped into categories by type.
– Component categories can be expanded and collapsed to make larger layouts easier to manage.
– Each component category now have a small action menu that will affect all components of the given category.
– There’s also an action menu at the top of the list that affects all components regardless of type.
– Components can be deleted in bulk, by category/type.
– Components can be locked or unlocked in bulk, by category/type.
– A category of components can be sorted alphabetically by name, if necessary.
– Each component entry now sports an edit icon.
– A given component type/category does not show up until a component of the given type actually exist.

New parts list “draw order”:
– Accessible via the “Draw order” button at the bottom of the parts list.
– The parts list is shown in the order it is drawn in the workspace, with the top-most components at the top of the list.
– Components can be selected, edited and deleted just like in the regular parts list.
– By enabling “editing mode” at the top of the list, individual components can be rearranged based on how you want them to be drawn on the layout.
– When new components are created, they’re usually added to the “draw order” list in a somewhat fixed order based on their type (i.e. boards at the bottom, text on top etc).
– An action menu at the top of the list facilitates sorting to this default draw order should things get out of hand.

Parts list merge:
– The “offboard” parts list has been merged with the “onboard” one.
– To facilitate creating new “offboard” components new single-tap buttons have been added to the toolbox menu.
– Once an “offboard” component has been created and it’s category/type can be found in the parts list, new components of that type can also be created via the small category action menu.

Component editing:
– Component editing is now handled via a popover dialog, giving a much more focused and compact experience.
– A new delete/trash button has been added for greater flexibility in removing components.

Bug fixes and general improvements:
– Fixed an issue where a board could sometimes be edited to have negative columns and rows.
– Selecting a component in the workspace will now correctly scroll to- and highlight the component’s parts list entry.
– When editing a component, the keyboard is brought up and you should now be ready to enter a value without first having to select the value field.
– When tapping in the workspace where more than one component overlap, excluding board components the bottom-most one based on draw order is selected.
– The currently selected component is always drawn on top, regardless of it’s actual “draw order”. This will make the current component stand out a bit more on a buy layout.
– Fixed an issue where component detail text wouldn’t save properly when also working with other controls (like toggles).
– Most components have been given a little bit of “space” when drawn, so as to prevent them from running into eachother.
– Now properly draw (or not draw as the case would be) the legs of translucent components.
– Fixed an issue where some generated PDFs would come out with mis-aligned connection- and note lists.



What’s new in version 1.1:

– New and improved document exporting with more options and a revised page layout.
– Fixed an issue where some layouts would be exported with only a partial parts list.
– Fixed an issue with some layouts becoming temporarily inaccessible when unable to sync with iCloud.
– New user interface menus for exporting, workspace settings and layout metadata.
– Option to have components displayed directly with values, rather than name labels (user request).
– Ability to flag a layout as “verified” and include this in exported files.
– Changed it so that an exported file displays the “last modified” date rather than the date of exporting.
– Adjusted the stripboard/veroboard color to make it less of an eyesore.

New “export” menu choices:
There are a few changes with the “export” menu. Each of the two output formats (image and PDF) now have “detail” levels that consolidates the various options.

– “Compact” image details: This gives you the same basic output as earlier, with a layout, parts list etc.
– “Mini” image details: This is a new option that foregoes the parts list and prints the component values directly on the board.

– “Compact” PDF details: This gives you the exact same output as the image counterpart, only in PDF format (and vector instead of rasterised).
– “Extended” PDF details: This gives you a multi-page PDF file with a (potentially) larger layout image, a dedicated page for the parts list, a purchase list with boxes you can tick off, and a mirrored trace cut diagram.


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  1. Excellent feedback. I’ll see what I can do. Consider it on my TODO-list.

  2. Hi,
    Could you give the text in the notes and references box a bigger font? It would make references to other people’s schematics more obvious.
    Otherwise I am really enjoying using this app!

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