stripboardcad_app_iconStripboardCAD is intended as a light-weight vero-/stripboard layout drawing app for the iPad, which goal is to ease the creation of the typical type of layout you find here (and elsewhere). This is the tool I always wanted (well, ever since the iPad came out anyway) but couldn’t find anywhere, so I finally decided to put all my other projects aside and focus on making it. It’s been almost exactly a year since then, and I’ve learned a lot, had a lot of fun, lots of frustrating moments etc. You know how this goes… And now the first version is complete (I say first version because I’m not expecting to be done with this just yet)!

stripboardcad_sh1I’ve made this tool first and foremost for myself, and the result will probably reflect that in many ways, but I am also hoping there are a few of you out there who have been looking for something like this, and can make good use of it. I feel I should apologize for not giving this away for free, like a lot of the stuff you’ll find here (to my more economically sensible relatives’ and friends’ dismay), but I hope you feel it’s still a fair price.

I’ve set up a page dedicated to future ideas and feature requests. Feel free to give me suggestions on what to improve or add. I have no clue about half the things I do, so a little guidance is always welcome 🙂

14 thoughts on “StripboardCAD

  1. I know it might be a lot to ask, but PLEASE?!?! can you make an iPhone version for people like me that don’t have an iPad??lol I want to use this app so bad!😁

  2. Anyone experiencing issues with the App refusing to download the layouts from iCloud?
    Then having to do a hard restart on your iPad, in order to get it to connect?

    Could it be an issue that came with the latest iOS update? (v.15.7.2)

  3. Hi. Love this but it’s a bit limiting. I want to use square capacitors, relays, screw terminals, igbts and mosfets. How can I add new components to the library ?

    Keen to see this develop



  4. Hi. This looks great – is there any chance of an Android version?

  5. Thanks, Christian

    Those are some very valid requests. I’ll put them on my list of things I wish I had time to do. You never know.

  6. Hi,

    great job with the SBCAD!

    Unfortunately I canˋt see the offboard omponents are they seeable on the matrix?
    please could u give possibility for different colors at the jumpers?
    perhaps it is possible to give the board drillholes? that would be great too.

    Thank you for your great work and further development of the app.


  7. I’m trying to create a new layout, enter a unique name and press OK but the app will shut down
    When I restart the app, there is the layout and press the layout and the app shut down

    Hardware: IPad Air2 with iOS 12.1

  8. Hi Roberto,
    The way you’ve worded your question makes it sound like you removed the chip and then question why it no longer work. I suspect you put the chip back again, though.
    To be honest, I know nothing about this effect, so there’s very little I can do to help. If the chip is of a known make and model you could try to order a new one. Other than that I would contact the maker’s customer support (if they still exist).

  9. Hi, I bought an internal alembic preamp, for bass I removed integrated chip and it does not work anymore, why? Thanks Roberto

  10. Hi Robert,

    I’m not sure I understand your issue, so please give me a little more detail.

    You select the desired component, say a resistor, place your finger where you want the first leg to start, then, without lifting your finger off the screen, drag your finger to the location where you want the second leg to end, then lift your finger. You should then be prompted for the resistor value etc.

  11. Hi I managed to get a component and a line connector,and that was it all attempts to add anything else failed help please

  12. how can I get this and how much is it? I don’t have a website (not yet anyway) I have just recently gotten into building my own stuff so I am quite new at this and still very green and would appreciate any help I can get. I saw the one book on your site for preamps, are there any other recommended book that would be helpful with building effects pedals?

  13. Hi Roy,

    A. No, sorry. And this is not something I’m likely to add anytime soon.
    B. I think I capped the boar size at 128×128 due to graphics performance. You can change the size of the board (and create several board if you like).
    C. No, sorry.
    D. No, sorry. But I’ve thought about it as a potential feature.

    To be honest, it’s not so much a fully feature engineering tool as a glorified point-and-click drawing app. You add parts in whatever fashion you like, asking values, and output an image/PDF.

    Sorry to disappoint.

  14. Hi, looks a nice product, but before I purchase, (which I do feel is a good price), I have a couple of questions.
    A. Can the user define/design our own components and devices to add into a user library ?
    B. Is there any limitation to the size of the strip board and can the board size be specified ?
    C. When a strip board layout is developed from the schematic, can a connection integrity check be done ?
    D. Is there any cind of electrical continuity test carried out, primarily for short circuits etc. .?

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