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If I end up with enough of these I’ll make another section.

4 thoughts on “Schematics

  1. You can change it, certainly, but you’ll have to experiment a bit as to how low/high you can go without going over the edge where the FETs are no longer biased correctly. Making R4/R10 larger and R3/R9 lower should increase the difference between boost and non-boost.

  2. Hi Mike. It’s a bit time consuming, but here’s what I always do when I draw layouts:
    – Print out both schematic and layout-to-be-checked on paper.
    – Sit down with a pen/pencil and some good music.
    – Meticulously go through each and every component on the schematic and verify it on the layout. As you do this, keep track of all nodes where more than one component connects and make sure it complies with the schematic.
    I know, boring 🙁

  3. Hey Harald

    How can i power up a little bit the boost function in the Pinnacle layout?

    Is that possible?


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