Here’s an experiment I’d like to try.

Is there any effect in particular you’d like a vero layout for? Post suggestions and I’ll try to keep an updated list. Note that some of these effects may be near-impossible or not feasible to build on vero or even as a DIY project at all. If you link me to a schematic or something similar that makes it easier.

Got schematic Need more info
  • Bogner Uberschall
  • Carvin Legacy – lead channel (Leegazzy)
  • Diezel VH-4 preamp
  • Divided by 13 FTR 36 preamp Overdrive channel
  • Engl preamp
  • The English Channel (AC-30)
  • Fender Tone Master preamp
  • Fender Twin
  • Hot Cat – dirt channel only
  • Jet City JCA22H
  • Krankenstein
  • Marshall JCM 900 SL-X
  • Matamp GTO
  • Mesa Mark IV/Lone Star – crunch channel
  • Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber+ (A + B channel)
  • Peavey 5150
  • Roland Jazz Chorus – clean/chorus
  • Soldano Avenger
  • Sunn Model T
  • Traynor TS50B
  • Dumble emulator – Ethos Overdrive?
  • AmpTweaker Tight Metal
  • Barber Direct Drive
  • Bearfoot SYOD2
  • Big Muff Pi – Hoowf variant
  • BJFE Cherrybuster
  • Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz
  • Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal
  • Boss MT-2 Metal Zone – w/ mods
  • Boss DS-1 – stock
  • Catalinbread Formula 5
  • Catalinbread Galileo
  • Catalinbread Naga Viper
  • Catalinbread SCOD
  • Clay Jones Overdrive
  • Colorsound Overdriver
  • Death by Audio Fuzz War
  • Divided by 13 Joyride Overdrive
  • Dunlop JBD Fuzz Face
  • EHX Black Finger
  • EHX Metal Muff
  • Emma Reezafratzitz
  • Fulltone Fat Boost
  • Fulltone Fulldrive 2
  • Fulltone Plimsoul
  • H&K Tubeman MkII
  • Ibanez/Maxon OD850 – single knob Baxandall version
  • JHS Morning Glory
  • Joe Gagan’s Easyface
  • Lovepedal Englishman
  • Lovepedal Kalamazoo
  • Lovepedal Purple Plexi 800
  • Lovepedal Silicon Fuzz Master
  • McSpunckle FX Gnomeratron VTF
  • Mesa Boogie Throttle Box
  • MXR M77 Badass Modified Overdrive
  • Nobels ODR
  • Quicksand Distortion
  • ROG Double D
  • Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz
  • Roger Mayer Page-1
  • SansAmp Bass Driver DI
  • Skreddy Mayonaise MkIII
  • Skreddy Screwdriver Deluxe
  • Snow Day Overdrive
  • Soulsonic Fx Hunny Bunny
  • Subdecay Liquid Sunshine
  • Subdecay Super Nova Drive
  • TC Electronics Spark Booster
  • Tech21 Blonde
  • Tech21 Liverpool
  • Tech21 SansAmp Classic
  • Tech21 SansAmp GT2
  • Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive
  • Wampler Black ’65
  • Wampler Plextortion
  • Wampler SLOstortion
  • Aguilar tone hammer preamp/di
  • Alter Ego Damnation
  • Analogman Sunface
  • Analogman TS9 – with silver option
  • Aramat Effects Green Machine
  • Boss FB-2
  • Brunetti Burning Box
  • Carl Marin AC-Tone
  • Carl Martin Hydra Boost
  • Cmat Mods Brownie
  • Colorsound Power Boost
  • DAM Meathead Deluxe
  • Death By Audio Apocalypse
  • Death By Audio Interstellar Overdrive
  • Devi Ever Truly Beautiful Disaster
  • Diamond J-Drive
  • Divide by 13 Dyna Ranger
  • Dragnfly BM-1
  • Earth Quaker Devices Hoof
  • Earthquaker Devices Monarch
  • EWS Brute Drive
  • EWS Fuzzy Drive
  • Fulltone Catalyst
  • GNI FZD Multi Fuzz and Vintage Distortion
  • Himmelstrutz TONKer
  • Human Gear Animato
  • Ibanez ST-9
  • JHS Low Drive Overdrive – V2
  • Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin
  • Mad Professor “1”
  • Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive
  • Manifold Drive
  • Montreux KNEBWORTH II
  • Nikita Rectifier
  • Pete Cornish NG-2 or NG-3
  • Red Witch FuzzGod II
  • Roland Sustainer AS-1
  • Rothwell Hellbender
  • Sarno Music Solutions Earth Drive
  • Skinpimp 3OD
  • Smallsound/Bigsound F*ck
  • Stompunderfoot Screaming Panda
  • Suhr Shiba Drive
  • TC Electronics Röttweiler
  • This1sMyne The Pearl
  • Tight Metal
  • Timmy
  • Vox Bulldog Distortion
  • Walrus Audio Iron Horse
  • Wampler Ace 30
  • Wampler Ecstacy
  • Wampler Sovereign
  • Way Huge Green Rhino
  • Weehbo plexdrive
  • Zvex Fat Fuzz Factory
  • Bearfoot Pale Green Compressor
  • BYOC 5 knob compressor
  • Carl Martin Compressor Limiter
  • EBS Multicomp
  • Hexe Tadek Compressor (for 1590B)
  • ISP Decimator (G-String version)
  • MXR Sustain
  • That Jam Bass Compressor
  • Walco Chord and Note Sustainer
  • Barber Tone Press
  • Maxon CP9 Pro+ compressor
  • Rockman generator/sustainor
  • VFE White Horse Compressor
  • Wampler Ego Compressor
  • ADA Microcab
  • Colorsound Diphtonizer
  • Death by Audio Octave Clang
  • Death by Audio Robot
  • Dunlop QZ-1 Q-Zone
  • EH Bassballs
  • EH Multiplexer
  • EH Zipper
  • Ibanez AW-5
  • Ibanez WH10
  • Maestro parametric filter (MPF-1)
  • MXR 10-band EQ
  • Octup from Tonepad
  • Ringdroid ring modulator
  • Rocktave Divider
  • Shin-Ei Fuzz Wah
  • Subcommander
  • Zvex Ooh Wah
  • Ampeg Octave
  • Casperelectronics Sequencer
  • Detox EQ
  • EH Bass Synthesizer
  • EH Pog
  • EH Ravish Sitar
  • GGG Modable Wah Wah
  • Lovetone Ring Stinger
  • MuTron Octave Divider
  • Red Witch Synthotron
  • Subdecay Noise Box
  • Subdecay Proteus
  • Zvex LoFi
  • +9v EH Electric Mistress w/MN3007
  • Archangel PT2399 Flanger
  • DOD 490 Phasor
  • EHX Electric Mistress
  • Ibanez Airplane Flanger AF-2
  • Ibanez PT-909 Phase Tone
  • MicMix DynaFlanger
  • Morley Sapphire Flanger
  • Mutron Bi-Phase
  • MXR 117 Flanger
  • Ross Phaser
  • Blackout Effectors Whetstone Phaser
  • Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay
  • EH Bad Stone
  • Love Tone Flanger
  • Roland Jet Phaser
  • Boss DM-2 Delay
  • BYOC Ping Pong Delay
  • D’Lay with TapTempo add-on
  • Death by Audio Echo Dream
  • DOD FX22 Vibro Thang
  • EH Deluxe Memory Man
  • EH Poly Chorus
  • Equinox Reverb
  • Ibanez DE7
  • Mark Hammer’s MN3007 reverb
  • MidFi Pitch Pirate
  • Small Clone chorus
  • Tap-tempo Pareidolia
  • Univibe (Danelectro Cool Cat Vibe)
  • Analog reverb circuit
  • Bearfoot Mint Green Mini Vibe
  • Catalinbread Semaphore
  • Jack Deville Dark Echo
  • Mr. Black Supermoon
  • MXR Carbon Copy
  • Neunaber Wet Reverb
  • Providence Anadime Chorus
  • Roland Juno/JC120 chorus
  • Wampler Faux Tape Echo
  • Zvex SeekTrem
  • Active DI-box 1975
  • Craig Anderton’s Retro Stereo
  • EH Rolling Thunder
  • Fake Guitar Test Oscillator
  • H&K Red Box Pro
  • Little Gem MkII
  • Micro Midi Switcher
  • Music Man stingray 3EQ preamp
  • Pigtronix Keymaster
  • 3 channel mixer
  • Carl Martin OctaSwitch
  • EMG differential preamp
  • Hotline Cabsim 2
  • Momentary effect loop using relay
  • Splitter/mixer


633 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Hello. I’m a beginner of effector DIY in Japan.

    It’s always helped by your home page very much. Thank you.

    If possible…
    * sobbat FUZZ Breaker FB-4
    * EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath
    * Vivie DolphinDeverb Ver2.1

    When you can consider the layout which is so, I’m happy. How is it?

  2. Hello,

    is it possible to get the vero board for tc electronic Sub’n’Up Octaver?

    Thank you

  3. Well, here’s what I’m trying to do. I want to build a 3 in 1. Bass in, 2 outputs, 1 dry and 1 effect. 1st is an octave up. Then I want a basic harmonizer for a 5th and option to add the 8th octave too. Then into a ds-1 with the Heeley mod. What do ya get? A lonely bassist plays and sounds like he’s jamming w a pal.

  4. Greetings Harald, hope everything goes well with you.
    Hey, I have a request like question for you…..
    Have you ever consider posting anything related to dummy loads, attenuators or anything like it?
    Best regards.

  5. Hi. I’d love to built a hiwatt tonestack version of ROG Tonemender. Been using the original Tonemender with BSIAB2 – great sound. Anyone able here to create such mod?

  6. I agree with all the others asking about Cornish NG-2 or NG-3. Straight up unobtainium

  7. hey man..
    what is the difference between using electronic parts from electronic shop?is there any difference in the sound quality?commonly i found the parts were made in china

  8. I really would like to see a vero layout for the “Tentacle”, from Earthquaker Devices. How about it?

  9. People are saying it can’t be done, but… the Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay is awesome. It would be super-rad if you were able to do it somehow.

  10. I would really love to get a veroboard layout for the clean channel of a Randall RG40r which is my favourite clean channel for guitar…I have the schematic and I reckon that it would sound even better point to point. Even the 2050 power amp sounds good…I could send you the schematic ! Thanks…ajw

  11. hello
    i would life to build a boss feedbacker with the stripboard…if it’s usefull, i have the schematic (too complicated for me, but maybe i would manage with a stripboard scheme)

  12. Divided by 13 FTR 36 preamp
    Overdrive channel

    Fender Tone Master preamp

  13. Hi mr ,
    may I have a peavy 5150 emulator schematic for building for myself. Thank you
    , dave

  14. Greetings!

    Roland Jet Phaser, please! I had one at one point and I stupidly sold it. Now that I know how to build circuits, this would be a really fun and challenging layout to try.

  15. *+1* for these, #1 being the one I’m most eager about:
    #1 Death by Audio – Echo Dream
    #2 EHX – Deluxe Memory Man
    #3 Maestro – MPF1 Parametric Filter
    #4 EHX – Electric Mistress (any voltage vers)
    #5 Roland – Jazz Chorus clean/chorus preamp
    #6 Pigtronix – Keymaster

    Also, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the amazing work you do here. You have a profound impact on the effects pedal DIY community. Thank you for everything!

    And while I’m posting, I’d like to make a more obscure request that I don’t see in the list above. I’ve had my ear to the ground searching for a standalone Roland Juno/JC120 chorus effects stompbox. A few MuffWiggler builders have made small batches of standalone Juno-influenced pcb units (maybe even full-on copies) designed for modular, but I haven’t come across something similar made with guitar stompboxes in mind. Anyone with any leads on this, or if you, Sabro the Wizard, is inclined to undertake this project, I’m happy to help in any way I can! IMO, those early Roland stereo chorus circuits tapped into something incredible, and something I just haven’t heard elsewhere. Even the Roland/Boss CE1 (the holy grail of chorus stompboxes, also about the size of a book and built like a tank), is a fantastic unit, but doesn’t quite occupy the same sonic territory as those original chorus circuits in my experience. I’ve read that the CE1 was actually based on the JC- series chorus circuit.. I’m not sure if that’s correct, but the CE1 certainly not a 1-1 transposition of the Juno/JC- circuits into stompbox form.

    Anyway, thank you again Sabro for dedicating valuable time and energy to improving the DIY community and making a tangible difference in many peoples’ creative lives. Any way I can help please reach out!


  16. I’ve been searching high and low for a schematic for a Pete Cornish NG-2 or NG-3, the imminent amp death overdrive/fuzz. I’d love to own the real thing but they’re £500; is there any hope of anyone getting a schematic and creating a layout of one?

    Thanks so much for any suggestions.

  17. I’ve been searching for a layout of an Aguilar tone hammer preamp/di. Give it a go?

  18. I know it may not quite be a vero one. But it would be sick to try the ehx electric mistress. There’s a schematic out there. No layouts tho!

  19. +1 for Small Clone chorus. I’ve tried un-successfully to build the one over at TagboardFX twice now. It’d be great to have a different layout to try.


  20. That FB-2 is an interesting effect indeed, though from the description and the demo video I’m guessing it involves some level of microcontroller/DSP and sampling, which would make it very hard to DIY.

  21. Wally,
    Never heard of it (but that doesn’t mean much, really). If a schematic surfaces it can most likely be built, but until then there’s not much you can do other than guess, or buy an original one.

  22. I just want to start out by telling you how much I like this page. I really appreciate what you do here. I have added your page to my blog at I was going through the page and have been investigating the Cherry Buster. Bjorn created the actual schematic and diagram as per the below page.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to do the layout and add the Cherry Buster to this page. I know you are busy but I just thought it might be hopefully easy as well as pretty cool. Thank you again.


  23. I’ve been really into vero lately and been looking for somesort of layout for the “Earthquaker Devices” Bit Commander but have had no luck. No layout, no schematic, not a single thing. Only thing I found were a few pictures of the guts which werent very helpful. Gave me pot values and a glimpse at some kind of transformer. Do you know if this can be cloned or does anyone have a layout? If anyone can help me with this request I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys!

  24. Hi Paul,
    I’ll add it to my list, but do know that realistically it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I have so many things I’m currently working on. Sorry.

  25. hey I just tried building a craig anderton tremolo on a board one piece at a time and it a tangled crossed over mess that dosent tremolo and only amplify’s. could you please do me a vero so i can build it again otherwise all my parts will be a waste of money and time. cheers
    heres the skematic.

  26. Earthquaker Devices The Warden compressor would be awesome! couldn’t find a schematic…

  27. Hi Harald, here is a link for a schamatic for the Human Gear Animato please give it a try!

  28. I would love to build one of those HomeBrew Electronics Paul Gilbert Signature Detox EQ. It is a pedal specially design for getting the best clean sound from a cranked amp. It is basically a 3 bands eq, out level pedal. I checked it like one year ago, but tried to do it with an eq pedal but I coulnt do it to work the same at all.
    Here is a video:

  29. could you please attempt a layout for this “analog lo-fi looper” her has a schematic but everything’s in french… sorry i could not provide any more information. Also would just like the say thank you for all that you do for us DIYers! I’ve learned so much in my time spent visiting this site!! Much appreciation and thanks indeed!

  30. Subdecay Super Nova Drive – I love this pedal and would definitely give a donation for a veroi layout of this pedal. I see you say you have the schematic. Thank you. Even if you can just help me get the schematic. Cheers!

  31. Hi, could you do a layout for the E.W.S Brute Drive please. Thanks in advance, and thanks for your great site.

  32. Hi, thanks for all the great resources here. I’d love to see a layout for an ego compressor. Sorry I can’t help out with any links. All the best from Down Under!

  33. I’d like to see a layout for the EHX Blckfinger compressor. I just fixed one and like it.

    I can offer my own (not so neat) layouts for motherboards for the SKRM modules (FV-1 daughter boards.) I haver made a moo and stereo version. I am ordering a PCB for the Etap2hw, but that would maybe be big for veto…

  34. Hi Rodney,
    I realize the Centaur wiring can be a bit of a challenge seeing how it’s different from everything else. I could put together a drawing, but it’d have to be properly done. It’s definitely on my list, but I can’t promise anything given the limited time I have.

  35. Hi Bananafred,
    I actually have this one already; have a look here:
    It’s listed as the Oberheim VCF, but it’s the exact same circuit! It’s a hair-pullingly tricky build, but don’t let tat discourage you. It’s doable 🙂

  36. Is there any way to get a diagram showing how to wire the klon centaur project up? I have wired and re wired,,,, and tried to follow the pictures posted. No success. PLEASE?
    Love what your doing here and I have built several pedals from your layouts. Just having a little difficulty on this one……

  37. Hey, Iam looking for a vero layout for the Tight Metal distortion. Could you help on that? Seems a bit complicated to make it on my own efficiently. Thanks

  38. Hi there. I have been wanting to make something like this for a very long time, but i have very little knowledge of electronics and thus have not been able to wrap my head around it.

    This document contains the schematics and info for making a 9v super capacitor battery:

    If you could get this working, there may never be another need for me (and many others) to ever buy a 9v battery again 🙂


  39. please try to clone the human gear animato…i’ve searched for layouts and shematics for weeks but i can’t find something about it. i know there is an italian guy who has built a clone but i also wasn’t able to find out more about him. there are lots of people who are really interested in it. unfortunately no information about it 🙁
    maybe you are able to find out more. i’m no expert…

    cheers 🙂

  40. I’d love to see a layout of the Death by Audio Echo Dream or Echo Dream 2. I can’t find any informations about its guts. Maybe it’s a simple PT2399 – Delay with Modulation and an seperate Fuzz-circuit..?

  41. Uploading the link seems to be a problem. This website seems to be treating me as a spambot aal the time. The securitycheck doesn’t work well……

  42. Schematics for the Tech21 Blonde pedal:
    The standard version will do fine as opposed to my previous wishes….. Thanks

  43. I have a request concerning the Tech21 Blonde, from the character series.
    I’ld really like to build a vero-version of this pedal. Being a big fan of Brian Setzer, I would like to get a bit closer to his sound. I’ve played real Blonde Fender ’63 Bassmans as he does, but I can’t afford to buy a real one.
    i want to run a Tech 21 Blonde clone directly into the poweramp of my Mesa Boogies, if possible. (A DC5 and a Studio 22+)
    Over the years I’ve learned that it’s hard to find a good big sounding overdrive for a Gretsch guitar. For Strats and Les Pauls it usually is not too hard to find a good overdrive for. for a Gretsch hollow body that’s a different case. I think the Blonde Tech 21 will fit the bill though.
    The Joyo clones sound a little too flat and I find the Tech 21 ‘s way too exepensive.
    So I was wondering if you could design a vero layout of the Blonde pedal, preferably without the speaker-sim option, but with a switchable gain control.

  44. Referring to the trimpot questions? Happy you sorted it out 🙂 And you’re better off asking one question too many than one too few.

  45. I’ll put it on my request list (I think I’ve already got a 10-band EQ), but I will likely not provide a complete wiring diagram (is a lot of work on my part that I’d rather spend on something else).

  46. Errrr i realise i left the most ridiculous comment the other day. Its all sorted. Sory all.

  47. Hi Harald, built a few of your boards here and honestly a big thankyou! I do have a question though. On some other sites the boards have a fixed resistor to drain the jfets. Now that is fine with matched jfets but how do i substitute a fixed resistor with a trimmer. I:E how do i put 3 pins wher only 2 pins go? Thanks in advance.

  48. Hi Harald, m Dipanjan from India, nice work there, m planning to make some of these. I would request you to help me out with 3 vero layouts…Dragonfly BM 01, Nikita Rectifiers and Alter Ego Damnation. Plz help me out.
    Thanx in advance….

  49. Hello!

    If you want a schematic of the Mesa Boogie Throttle Box, you will find it on freestompboxes webpage.

  50. Hello!

    I have listen to the Mesa Boogie Throttle Box and I must say that this pedal is very good sounding. It would be good to see a layout of that pedal.

  51. Hi Clint C. I’m not familiar with the Engl amps, but when doing these FET emulators you typically stop before reaching the Phase Inverter (PI). Valve #4 sounds like it’s way back towards the end of the amp; PI or power valves?

  52. Hello Harald, THANKS a lot for your great work, really helpful. I would like to build the Red Witch Fuzz God 2, also the new Fat Fuzz Factory, so vero layouts would be fine. Keep on fuzzin’

  53. Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin. Even better if that could be squeezed into a Mooer-style small enclosure.

  54. Hello,
    I am working on a JFET, layout for a Engl Fireball , but am not sure if valve
    #4 is necessary for basic preamp layout ??

  55. Hi there,
    I just finished my klon centaur.It seem as it works good (on/of buton,tone,volume & gain pots) but there’s no overdrive in my guitar tone.Is it normal? (I plugged the centaur to line input of my humble 6 channel mixer.Thanks in advance!
    Pleas forgive me for my bad english.

  56. Hotline cabsim 2 has been getting some nice feedback. Unfortunatenly the sites in russian. Schem and pcb is available. 3 different cabs,switchable.

  57. Hey! Great work Harald! Love your Layouts! How about the New zvex fatfuzzfactory which adds a dpdt for low frequency ozcillation to the already very “versatile” ff? 🙂 I would really like to Build that Thing! Cheers from Germany

  58. Hello. A synthotron would be nice. It may not be for the purists but it would still have a lot of uses. I can’t find the schematic though….but will keep looking.

  59. Hi I reckon a really good compressor to do a vero of is the EBS multicomp i have the schematic and layout. I don’t know how to post it sabrotone. Contact me if you want to get it going. I read you like compressor. This would be a damn good one to do a vero of Cheers

  60. Is there a chance you could provide a schematic for PLEXTORION pedal, I’ve been searching for it a really long time now..? Pleeeease???

  61. This is apparently supposed to be a great DI and pretty easy to build. It only has 2 transistors, so shouldn’t be an issue size wise, I think?

    Here’s the original page about the DI:,%20my%20work%20horse%20from%201975

    Here’s the schematic:

    Parts list, which includes some alternate (IE cheaper haha) transformers:


  62. Bob, can you point me directly to the schematic? That looks like a very long thread to be reading through right now.

  63. Hello!

    It would be good to see a layout for a good DI Box with controls for example: Mic Type, Speaker Size, Mic Position, Mic Distance, etc. It’s good to have a versitible DI Box. I have search for this, but the only thing I have found is the DI Boxes you connect to output from a amplifier. What I am looking for is, one box that you can connect, for example effects, stompboxes, etc and get a good sound for direct recording.

  64. Hello Harald!

    I have found a webpage that have alot of schematics for amps, effects, etc. Search for bmamps and choose schematics and there it is.

  65. Hello Harald!

    I have found a new good sounding amplifier. It’s the Jet City JCA22H, the amp is designed by Soldano and what I have heard of te amp, it’s a high gain amp and it sounds almost like the Soldano SLO-100, but the sound is a little brighter than the SLO-100. It would be good if you look into that amp and maybe you can do a layout with JFET’s or MOSFET’s. You can search on the web for the schematic, but take the schematic that is modded so it sounds like the SLO-100.

  66. I’ve also heard it’s very similar to a DS-1 with a few mods. Since there doesn’t seem to be any schematics about (at least not that I know of) I’d start off with the Keeley modded DS-1 (I’ve got a layout here).

  67. Hello Harald!

    I have found a new great pedal, is the Vox Satchurator 2. I have tried to found schematic for that pedal, but I only have seen incomplete schematics. That one I found looks very close to the Boss DS-1 with some mods. It would be nice to see a layout for that.

  68. Hello!

    One day I found the best pedal for “The Brown” sound. It was the Mad Professor “1”. It’s a distortion with reverb in same pedal. It would be good to see a,layout for that pedal.

  69. the layout of the deluxe memory man would be a wonderful gift …..

  70. Anse,
    Sounds fine to me, though I’m certainly no authority on these things. Now that you mention this I remember I promised to post something similar but not quite the same. Hang on…

  71. Hi.
    I’ve make some pedals from your boards.
    Dr. Boogie, Rebote Delay, TS808, Jawari, Okko Diablo, FF, etc…
    I have a request. I’ve make a mix box. Just a box with 2 input jacks and 1 ouput jack, to connect 2 keyboards to the same amp with independent volume controls. I’ve used a TL072 making a buffer to keep the volume in both channels. Do you know a better design?
    Thanks, and veeeeery good job.

  72. I saw the one you have listed here. Got parts , gonna give it a whirl. I have a byoc that I built and like.

  73. A couple I’d like to see:

    Crowther Hot Cake
    Skinpimp 3OD
    Smallsound/Bigsound F*ck
    Fulltone Catalyst
    Earthquaker Monarch
    Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin

  74. Realy would like to see a vero on Ada Microcab, the best cab-sim ever buildt! Ive seen a build of this one on the net, cant remember where,…

  75. Hi Rodney,
    Just had a look at the BYOC classic overdrive and it looks pretty much exactly like a TS-808. Any particular reason for this circuit specifically over the original Ibanez TS-808 (which I already have a layout for)?

  76. hey here is a thread and i believe the correct schemtatic of the metal muff, thanks, mike

  77. Hey thanks for all the great layouts, built quite a few of yours. I was wondering if you could do the ehx metal muff. I have one and like it but the top boost is kind if useless and the enclosure is so big. Thanks, mike

  78. Hey! I recently discovered your site and I must say you’re doing a terrific work! Can’t wait to get started!
    I have a request as well and that’s the EWS (made by xotic I think) Fuzzy Drive. That one sounds fantastic though it has no germanium inside only opamps. Check it out:
    THe problem is that the schematic seems impossible to find! :/ When I do, I’ll post it here.
    Keep up the good work! /JEH

  79. Hey Harald: I nver “facebook”, but i found the link, your build looks awesome, I cant wait to see the final. Cheers

  80. Hi Glenn,
    all is well, as I hope all is well with you too?
    I’m saving the post here for when everything is finished, I’ve got the schematic down, etc. But I have been posting sneak peaks on both facebook and twitter if you’re curious as to how it proceeds (it’s slow, hehe).

  81. Hi Harald;
    Hope all is well. I would like to request, how you are making out with your amp…maybe post a picture of your progress? 🙂

  82. Harald,
    I’m waiting on the Uberschall like a dog for a hanging ham,….hehe.

  83. Whaddya think about a Leslie speaker sim? Saw the schmatic over at….

  84. Hello!
    I have built a clone of the Soldano Supercharger GTO pedal and I must say that this pedal really rocks!, the feel and sounding is very near to a real tube amp!. The best thing about this, is that is very quiet even when the Gain is cranked all the way up. I have compared the schematic for this pedal with the schematic of the Soldano Avenger and they looks almost the same.

  85. Hello!
    Now I have changed some of the potentiometers on my Magnus Modulus. I first started by changing the RATE to a C50k pot, but the result wasn’t good, so I changed to A10k and now this control works good. I also have changed the DEPTH pot to a A25k and now I have a better control over this. I think also this could be changed to a A10k or C10k.
    I will tweak this a little more to get the modulation working better.

  86. Hi Harald,
    Here’s a schematic for the EHX “Zipper” Envelope follower (not their Tube Zipper) – any chance that you could make a veroboard layout for this one? Thanks for all your great layouts!

  87. I drew up my own vero for a traynor TS50B and built it (that’s what a tronographic ‘rusty box’ is). the hardest part was getting it to work with a standard 9V power supply to supply the pedal with +15 and -15 volts. I used two charge pumps to accomplish that and the pedal works great now.

    i’d love to see (or make my own) a vero layout for a weehbo JCM drive but i haven’t been able to locate a schematic for it yet.

  88. PHUNCGNOSIS with Deadastronaut mods
    Perhaps you could give this a go…I recently breadboarded this and felt that its a really good alternative to the other low parts count auto wahs out there..however,the vero layouts I found online are only for the Tim Escobedo original (deadastronauts mods significantly improved the sound and response,I felt)…could you try this out?

    Thanks and regards,

  89. Hello!
    I have built the Magnus Modulus this weekend and it sounds great! The only problem I have with it, is that I think the characteristics of the Rate and the Depth potentiometers should be Rev Log (C) instead of Lin (B) because they only work almost when they are turned almost full on one way. I will test this and see what I can come up with.

  90. Excellent suggestions, Jishnudg. I actually have the Karate Chop already; it’s listed as the Systech Harmonic Energizer.

  91. Hi!
    I’ve noticed there’s any kind of Vibe effect in your beautiful arsenal, so I’d like to suggest a good veroboard of the Easy Vibe – moreover already required, but seems without schematics.

    Here’s an interesting version of the schematic with a bunch of interesting mods which could increase its versatility:

    More, on this italian site there are some mods which can prevent the low output volume and an annoying collateral ticking: increasing the 47k feedback resistor (to 100k or 470K), in the first case, and adding a 100uf (1000uf reported, but it seems a pen’s mistake) capacitor in parallel with the 9V input and the ground.

    Here is the schematic with the added mods and a level pot:


  92. Any time, Harald 🙂
    Here are some other slightly offbeat projects/schematics that you may want to look into –
    Shin-Ei Clean Octave Down – the only one of its kind which uses only transistors (I think)
    Electro Harmonix Bassballs – double envelope filter/fuzz
    Karate Shop – Harmonic Exciter
    Thanks again for the excellent vero layouts 🙂

  93. Hello!
    I really like the sound of the Mesa Boogie amps, I have built several of these Dr Boogey that is on the Web. The best I have built is the Mark IV emulator. Now I have made layouts and built boards with JFET’s of the Mark V, seperated the channels over 3 boards, one of the EQ, one of the power section. My idea is to put all of these in a box so I have a Mark V that sounds like the real amp, but with JFET’s. Do you want to know how the progress goes?

  94. Harald,
    Here’s a PCB layout from Aron Nelsons website
    Mark Hammers original project files –
    The above two links are pretty much verified, with many build reports credited to them. There are a few more,but I’m not so sure about any case you can take a look –
    Another version, which has a 9v supply, but I’m not sure if its verified;prev_next=next
    Some more schematics and layouts here –

  95. Harald, how about Mark Hammers Woody acoustic simulator? Been looking for a vero everywhere, and its definitely doable.
    Thanks and Regards,

  96. Got it, Harald, you’re right about the sub mini tubes, it’ll be better to do the real deal instead. By the way, nice to see there’s another George posting requests, I thought I was the only one, he he.

  97. Hi Joanne, it -may- just barely fit, but then you’d be hard pressed to add any other hardware so I’m guessing it’s not doable. I’d love to be proven wrong, though 🙂

  98. Harald, now that you’ve done the Menatone Howie how about a Wreck’T, or anything based on Trainwreck amps??? Awesome work, man!!!

  99. Possibly, but if you’re going to the length of using sub-miniature tubes you probably already have to use a transformer and then you might as well use normal preamp tubes and build the whole preamp.

  100. Harald, … there any way to create a bogner uberschall or a Mesa recto preamp with sub miniature tubes instead of using JFETs ?…..just asking.

  101. Hello!

    I have built the Brunetti Mercury Box and it sounds very good. Now I have seen and listen on Yourube another pedal from Brunetti and it called Brunetti Burning Box. So now I wonder if you could do a layout for this good pedal. I have built alot of your layouts, some of them wasn’t working, but after some tweaking, they were ok.

  102. Hi, Harald
    I’ve been wanting to do this project for quite some time (its a MIDI switcher, similar to the Carl Martin octaswitch but using PIC chips and with lots of preset options etc ) but the schematic looks rather daunting..perhaps you could think about doing a vero layout for it?

    All the info is on this site, the schematic is verified.
    Thanks and regards,

  103. Hi Harald:
    How about a Lovepedal BBB07?!
    Here is a link to the schematic (

    Also, how about adding a charge pump to it ??

    I attempted to do this, but was unsuccessful. I’m not sure I fully understand how to add a charge pump to the system. I looked at your charge pump and how guys at GuitarPCB wire their charge pump. Not the same at all.
    (My unsuccessful vero drawing can be found here –

    I love the sound of the BBB07, and it doesn’t look like a hard build.

    Thanks in advance!
    Love your site!
    Happy New Year!


  104. Hi;
    I would love to see a layout for the humangear animato. Japanese distortion used by muse bass player : Christopher Wolstenholme

  105. Hi JHL, as you’ve got it set up now you’re feeding the circuit -9v at the transistor collectors and +9v at the emitters for a total of 18v. Unless this was the intention I’d change it so that you’re having +9v coming into the charge pump (and the filter cap/protection diode) only and use -9v and ground throughout the rest of the circuit.

  106. Harald:
    You can get a verified hero of the BMTB pedal, as requested by Andrea Conte on 3 Dec. at Scroll down near to bottom of page.


  107. Harald,
    Made a vero of the <3pedal BBB07, from schematic found on Revalution Deux site, and using your charge pump vero.

    Wondering if you'd have time to look over my drawing. You may post on your site if you wish.

    Links to schematic and vero drawing:

    Thanks for looking!

  108. Hi Harald,
    here’s two schematics for the classical Pete Cornish TB-83 – better known as “Brian May Treble Booster”.

    I’m not sure that the General Guitar Gadget solution (substituting the 6,8K resistor with a 10K pot) could work very well; more, there’s a problem of considerable output volume, too, so I was thinking of a merge of the two schematics which will include the volume pot, as in the Beavis Audio Research schematic, and an internal 10K trimpot in the place of the 6,8K resistor, so the boost gain can be tweaked as desired.

    What do you think about it? 🙂


  109. My Maestro MPF-1 parts are waiting and starting to get anxious. No pressure, just saying. 😀

  110. [quote]Can you elaborate a little, Willy. What’s this JC-120?[/quote]
    It’s an old Roland 2×12 combo amp, 120 watts (although there was a smaller JC-60 combo, single speaker, 60 watts). The JC stands for Jazz Chorus and while it has a distortion switch the dirt was pretty poor, but the clean sound and chorus are the bees knees.

  111. Would really love a Paisley Drive layout….thought you’d be the guy to ask since I saw your schematic on FSB 🙂

  112. any chance you could post a schemo or vero for the Austone Millenium OD? I know they don’t build them any more and so hard to find. Thans

  113. Hey I was hoping you might take a shot at the Nobels ODR pedals and the ibanez ST9 overdive, the one with the mid control.

  114. Hi,
    I would need a schematic for Majik Box Rocket Fuel pedal, but i didn’t find it nowhere.
    Help me please! Many thanks!

  115. In fact, i need a vero an a pcb layout for the zvex lofi, in which forum you recommended me to post all the elements?

  116. Hi, many thanks for all your vero boards!
    I have a old layout and a bill of material for the ZVEX LOFI are you interested?

  117. Not so much a new request as a modification – I’d love to see how to turn the Baja optical limiter into something designed for balanced signals, e.g. an insert for a mic preamp/mixing board rather than a stomp.

  118. Hi,

    Being a real vero freak, it would be great if you could make a Maestro Parametric Filter MPF-1 vero layout. There is only one floating around and its way too big considering the number of components. Here’s a link to the schematic:
    The great thing about it is that the 5 way rotary switch, the cd4016 and the cd4011 have been replaced with normal switches that enable to use the dirt channel with the filter and ofcourse less parts.

  119. Hi sasha live. You might be lucky finding a layout for the Paisley Drive on one of the two forums (links on the right-hand side). But it is basically a tube screamer, which you should have no problem finding a layout for (including here).

  120. This just hit me; the Hollis Easyvibe with ramping LFO. There’s a ton of info on
    Here’s the (hand drawn) schematic for the original;
    There’s a schematic for the LFO with up/down ramping on Geofex, which can’t be linked to, sorry.
    I’ve heard sound samples of that thing… yumz… A vero would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

  121. Probably a long shot… Any chance of a layout for EHX Ravish Sitar?
    I haven’t been able to find a schematic for it anywhere.

  122. Hi Harald…
    This is not a request for a particular effect….But a request none the less. I sincerely appreciate every layout you do and understand you do this for the good of others freely..thank you..Do you think it would be possible when you put up your put up a separate layout for each showing the cuts and jumpers before the board is populated ?..Some of the more heavily populated boards make it a bit tricky ( for me anyway ) to spot the said cuts and ( a bit more obvious granted ) the jumpers. I understand this will probably take up more of your valuable time but I would be truly grateful..Kind regards Tim

  123. Hi!

    I would love to see a vero of the “McSpunckle FX Gnomeratron VTF”. Schematic @
    Definately worth a build, I can try to verify it as soon as the vero is online 😉

  124. Hi Herald,

    Request for a vero of PROVIDENCE Anadime Chorus + Wampler Soveriegn


  125. Hello Harald,
    Please try to guve us the vero of Wampler PLEXTORTION
    Thank you so much

  126. Hi Harald 🙂

    G string ISP decimator is reversed:

    DIYspb topic :


    Also, MXR M77 badass modified OD has been reversed, I think tt would be interesting as it’s really a very cool overdrive (wouldn’t sell mine 🙂 ) :


  127. Won’t you try to design a veroboard layout for the BYOC Tri-Boost, Harald?

    It seems to be the definitive booster, including in one solution Rangemaster, Silicon and MOSFET boost and an additional switch for treble, bass or full boost.

    Here’s the schematic, on page 4 of the pdf:

  128. Thanks for chiming in, Jack. Based on what you’re saying I’m pretty sure you won’t see any strip-board layouts of these effects anytime soon. The Dark Echo sounds temping though, if only for the challenge 🙂

  129. Hi.

    Thanks for noting the pedals I make, guys!
    Just a friendly word of caution: The Dark Echo will be nearly impossible to build on a strip-board (vero). Also worth noting, some of the parts required for the circuit are becoming harder and harder to find, and sadly, substitutions require a rework of the circuit (which is currently in order).
    As far as the SuperMoon goes, don’t bother. You will need original source code to make the unit work.

    Best of luck with the other ventures!


    PS: An MXR 10-band EQ schematic was recently published on FSB.


  130. Mr. Black – Supermoon – by Jack Deville
    Morning Glory – by JHS Pedals
    DM2 – by Boss (obviously)

  131. Hi, Ben. No I don’t know if any of the compressors work with bass unfortunately. You could try searching the net for information on the original pedals and whether they can be used with bass.
    If you do find out I’d love to hear.

  132. Hey there Harald. Do you know if any of the compressors you’ve done work well with bass?

  133. No problem, a friend of mine has got one G string version, I’ll try to loan it to him to help community 🙂

  134. Alright StefSamy. I’ll put it on my list. If you happen across more info or try this out yourself I’d love to know about it.

  135. Hi Harald,

    For the G string version of Decimator, the link I have put in my 1st comment goes to what it seems G version complement is (end of may posts) .

    So it’s still unverified yet but it should be good, I will build your layout next month I hope and could then try this little complement to verify it 🙂

    I’m a little bit busy for the moment so that I can’t add it to your great work for now, but I could try to make it later 🙂

    Sorry for my english, french man inside 😀

  136. Hi StefSamy. I’d love to gve it a try, but without having read the whole thread I have to admit I couldn’t see any references to the g string variant. Is there a schematic somewhere that I missed?

    The best “JCM 800” stompbox ever made
    Thank for your great vero layouts !

  138. Hey Harald, hope you’ve been keeping well.
    I have a vero request.
    it’s called the “Haroldthanksforeverythingyoudoforus” overdrive.
    Peace, brother.

  139. Would you please do a Mesa Mark IV crunch channel or the Mesa Lone Star Crunch……
    I’ve been looking those for the longest.

  140. Lovepedal – Silicon Fuzz Master – Anyone have an E-mail I can send some files to?? I have a complete BOM and 2-layer PCB layout! However, I’m not good at converting to vero! Let me know.

  141. Sorry to put in another request list… this site is just too cool! I love vero… something so nice about building on your layouts… they’re so well put together I really dont see any advantage to pcb unless we’re talking board mounted pots… Which i screw up drilling enclosures for anyways.

    I just found this company called Jack Deville. And I have to say I’d feel bad cloning his stuff because it is so innovative, feature packed, amazingly priced, USA handmade, and good sounding. But I’m interested in his delay circuit. He’s got a pt2399 called the “dark echo” which has darker sounding repeats along with a cool subtle ‘sine wave’ modulation.

    Thanks so much Harald!

  142. I’d really like to see the wampler faux tape echo… this is different than the wampler analog echo. the tape echo has modulation that changes speeds like a real tape echo warble- very cool! I’d love to see how this works!

    I’d also love a vero layout for the Shin-Ei fuzz wah! Maybe even one that could be built into a regular box (probably be more preferable) and have the wah pot on a big knob that you could turn with your foot or something.

    zvex instant lofi is a very cool modulation pedal!

    and the colorsound overdriver

    andddddd…. hmm… how about the catalinbread naga viper (or whatever it’s called) their very cool treble boost. I’m really loving catalinbread, I’m gonna be buying a lot of their stuff just out of respect. Well priced. Great variety, graphics, quality, demo’s, and most of all great circuits. The SFT (ampeg in a box pedal), WIIO (hiwatt), and harmonic mesmerizer paredoila have all completely blown me away

    Wampler 65 would be cool too!
    oh and how about a good true pitch vibrato pedal?

  143. Hello
    Any chance for a Wampler Plextortion?
    (I ‘m using my friend Ismo’s mail)
    Thank you

  144. How about a vero layout for the Morley JD10 preamp. Schematics are on the web.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  145. A vero layout for the Wampler Paisley Drive would be greatly appreciated! I think you traced the schematic yourself! Thanks!

  146. Would very much love to build a pinnacle 2. Saw the Pinnacle 1 was requested.

    Thanks much and look forward to building !!!

  147. Ampeg SVT pre? Would make a great flyable bass head paired with a class d power amp!!

  148. Heh. I’ll suggest that spring reverb. There is schematics available with a kit that sells from U.S.

    And one other thing. I’ve been searching for DI-box on vero for a long time. There’s nearly perfect schem from sweden: – Although it runs on 24V DC and 3,5A…

    Other interesting article about this would be:

    Even passive would be great, if one could use it with another effect circuit in same box… 🙂

    Thanks for great layouts! I’ve build about ten from your’s already. Latest was Wampler Plexi-Drive, which sounds just awesome once i found well working set of J201s. 🙂 One more time, Thank You!

  149. All good points. I’ve got the Maestro FSH already listed as Oberheim VCF (I just verified version 2 a few weeks ago and it works great).

  150. I’d like to see the Sarno Music Solutions Earth Drive… apparently its a nice overdrive, and he goops em up I believe. I like to clone goopers.

    about the lovetone meatball- musicpcb has an amazing board for that that makes it so much incredibly easier for us builders that its pretty much pointless to do it on vero… their board has ALL pc mounted pots (5) and rotary switches (4 of em!!!)

    I’d like to see the mutron iii verified- and as many preamp emulators/amp in a box pedals as possible. I just built a clone of the catalibread sft and its bad ass. i want the wampler 65 and I even have a blackface amp! I cant believe I just found out about these transistor based amp in box pedals! I’d like to see an orange amp in a box and a dumble.. like that umble pedal but simplified!

    how about a lovetone sting ringer and the maestro fiter sample and hold?

  151. Hi there,

    I have 3 award jd-10’s and i love them. Been using them for 16 years now.
    I would love a vero on only the classic overdrive section, skipping the rock, speaker simul and buffer section.
    This is the best OD ever in my opinion. Try it out.

    Best regards from Copenhagen

  152. Also a Marshall guvnor layout would be amazing been wanting to build one for a long time

  153. Man this is a usuful sight! I’ve been building probably a year or so. The vero layouts a wonderful. Just finished the Janglebox comp. I would like to request the Maxon CP9 pro+ compressor. This things a beast and I want to build one but I can’t find any vero or pcb layouts. I’m not quite to the point of making my own layouts yet. Thanks

  154. Rockman generator || sustainor 🙂
    Manifold Drive.

    and another vote for Plextortion.

  155. Wampler – Pinnacle II

    Well, it’s supposed to be one of the best brown sound distortion pedals out there and I see already requested, but I’ll re-request. Thanks in advance!

  156. Hello,
    i am also very interested in WAMPLER PLEXTORTION (but I dont have any schematic)

  157. Congratulations for your great job
    I find very interesting this schematic about a very simple midi switcher for amp channel switching, able to be controlled via any midi pedalboard; the same, with a little mods, could be used to switch any stompbox; here the schematic:
    Could be very interesting to get a vero layout avayable, in order to make the construction easier.
    Thanks. Luca

  158. Hi Harald!
    Would love to see a vero of this simple design for building your own interface for iPhone/iPad.
    I need help since i have no knowledge at all at doing veros and i don’t have equipment for doing PCB’s.
    Heres a circuit
    And heres the PCB of the same design
    Heres a wiring scheme
    And heres the complete link for the whole guide
    Would be amazing to be able to have a vero of this and i think many other would appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance man!

  159. Hey Sabro!
    I´ve got a request 🙂 You modified the Carl Martin Plexitone for 9V power supply. Can you do the same for Carl Marin AC-Tone?

    Thanks and greets Cutter

  160. I don’t think there are already schematics of this one but it would be nice.
    Recovery Sound Desctruction Device

  161. Is there any chance you could make a layour for a Duncan Deja Vu? This is the craziest, most gnarliest delay ever.

  162. Any chance at a vero of this circuit?

    Possibly with these mods: (Mark Hammer @
    This cute little troublemaker from RG Keen is intended to mimic a “telephone voice” or AM radio, but it can easily mimic a %^&*ed wah.

    As the diagram shows, it has a 2-pole lowpass filter section, followed by a 2-pole highpass section. Those two, in series, produce a bandpass filter. As shown, the bandwidth is intended to be relatively wide but severely restricted in high end and low end (<300hz to just under 3khz) so that it sounds like a cheap small speaker.

    Of course, there is no requirement to be committed to those component values if you want a slightly different sound. The two sections can also be variably tuned so that you can have narrower or wider bands created, in addition to moving the whole band upwards or downwards.

    Replace the 5k6 resistors in the lowpass section with a dual-ganged 10k pot (each pot half in series with a 1k fixed resistor) and you should be able to roll off highs as low down as around 1.5khz. Double the caps from .01 to .02uf and you cut that down by another octave (to 750hz). As you reduce the pot resistance value from a max of 11k (10k pot + 1k fixed resistor) down to 1k, the rolloff point goes up in frequency to around 16khz (with C = .01uf) or 8khz (with C = .02uf).

    Similarly, switch each of the 56k resistors in the highpass section to a 6.8k fixed resistor in series with one half of a 50k dual-ganged pot, double the cap value again, from .01uf to .02uf (.022uf, really), and you'll have a sweepable low end.

    The noise section shown above, and the mixer section too, are not really needed in this application. All you need is what is shown in the lower 3 boxes, plus the two resistors and cap on the output.

    Stick the revised circuit (two dual-ganged pots as the controls) and a stompswitch in a box, and away you go. Much more flexible than a lot of other devices, and doubles to perform a host of other functions as well.

  163. Built a Zvex Machine and a Woolly, works pretty well.

    I’d like to build a Red Witch FuzzGod II, any link/vero layout?

    Cheers, man.

  164. Hi! Excellent job on mini cat!
    I built one based on a couple of schematics floating around internet but suffer from great HUMMMM!!!
    I wonder if you can email me the schematic of the amp?

  165. hi sabro, emm i really wish to see a vero for brunetti mercury box. hope that is in your to do list.
    i be keep donating to ur site. dun wish to be down.

    Keep it up man!

  166. hi harald,
    i’d love to see a vero for mxr flanger 117..i love flanger..thanks

  167. just ran across a youtube demo of the bearfoot mint green mini vibe. Sounds fantastic!

  168. Some other circuits of mid-fi electronics? But I couldn’t find mid-fi electronics schematics except for the mid-fi clari(not).

  169. How about an acoustic simulator of some sort.
    I think there is a schematic floating around for one on DIYStompboxes somewhere…
    Has anyone had a got at making one before?

  170. It’s an excellent idea, Marko, and one that I have previously considered. It’s a lot of work as I’d definitely like to do this for all my 100+ layouts. I’ll have to think about it some more 😉

  171. I’m also voting for the Cornish G-2 based off madbeans darkside schematic. Built this on PCB, but I am not satisfied with my build, and would love to build it again on vero.

  172. Hi Harald, just wanted to make a suggestion – maybe you could include an additional picture to your populated vero pictures, showing only the positions of cutting and jumpering in a similar manner to this one
    I think it would make our lives a bit easier, and it would improve on your site.
    Maybe you could just include a link leading to a picture showing the described above elements, rather than posting it along side with the main vero picture, to keep your pages clean and simple, it would not change the looks of the site in any way, and it would include the info in a way that it would be fairly idiot-proof 😀
    Thank you for considering this

  173. Unfortunately I don’t do PCB myself (small apartment and kids don’t mix well with acid) and that’s one of the main reasons for running this place. I get my vero boards off ebay.

  174. do you have pcb files for verified layouts? i can’t find stripborad in my country, so it’s very hard to make this layouts on prefborad ,it takes so much time, can u add pcb fortmat for next layouts? thank you

  175. Hello everybody!
    Is it possible to find the schematic and the layout of the guitar pedal VDL “L’Overdrive”?
    Is there anybody that have it?

  176. Hi Harald, i`d love to see a vero version of the rog english channel, schematic and perf layout at I`ve built the perfboard version but it took me 5 attempts to get a working circuit, guess perfboard dont work so well for me. This is a truly fantastic pedal, i`ve a few mates looking for me to build it for them but i`d rather try a vero layout than try with perf again. Also another vote for the dod 440 envelope follower, another great pedal. Thanks for all your hard work. Kudos dude.

  177. Hello.

    Thought i’d leave a request, but it was already listed 🙂

    Boss HM-2 would be great to see as ready vero layout. I’ve tried to study the schematics, but those ICs are still bit too scary for newbie like me. Actually, friend of mine had this pedal about 15 years ago, and he had warm memories about using it with bass. I just listened to him and thought to myself that someday i’ll build a few of these. Plus, the HM-2 seems nowadays to be even more expensive than TS-9. At least on ebay.

    Thank you in advance!

  178. Hi Harald,
    Thanks for all your hard work 🙂
    I was wondering if it’s possible to do a Vero Layout of the “BOSS SG-1 Slow Gear”?
    Here is a circuit diagram:
    And here is the BYOC version they call the “Lasy Sprocket”:
    Here is a vero build someone has done, and it looks like they have added a swell-time mod?
    Thanks again!

  179. Hi thanks for all this great layouts, I would like to see a DAM Meathead Deluxe layout.


  180. Hi Harald,

    the Röttweiler from TC Electronics would be fine 🙂
    Thanks for all the other vero´s

  181. Hi dude.

    Ever thought about creating a vero layout for the Colorsound Power Boost ?



  182. Hi Harald, how about the Univox SupaFuzz?

    I have a schematic if you’d like me to submit it?

    I built it from a pcb layout, but it’s a huge board & I’d be interested in seeing how it could be condensed!

    Thanks, Milkit!

  183. Hi !

    What a GREAT job ! Thanks !

    Maybe kind of plexi :
    – Weehbo plexdrive
    – Montreux KNEBWORTH II
    – Rothwell Hellbender
    . . . sorry no schematic
    PS : Happy New Year 🙂

  184. Noted. Since this involves a real tube I haven’t gotten around to thinking how it’d fit on vero. Some day though… 😉

  185. Hey Harald, since we love Baja’s pedals so much i was wondering about the
    “Baja Real Tube Overdrive pedal”.
    His schematic is at FSB. Thanks Glenn

  186. could you please post the subdecay liquid sunshine vero? Cheers and all the best.

  187. Catalinbread Pareidolia would be great!
    I’ll give it a try myself, but this could need a little more experience than I have to squeeze it in a 1590B enclosure…
    (See thread at freestompboxes for schematic…)

  188. hi mr harald.. can i request smallclone chorus??
    thx for your attention sir..
    i’ll be patient to wait your move..

  189. Hi, here you can find an interesting schematic about a very simple midi switcher for amp channel switching, able to be controlled via any midi pedalboard; the same, with a little mods, could be used to switch any stompbox; here the schematic:
    Could be very interesting to get a vero layout avayable, in order to make the construction easier.
    Thanks. Ismo

  190. Hi,Can you please make the vero layout of a love tone flanger ? or electroharmonix bass synthetiser.
    Rock’n roll

  191. Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone Germanium Gold LTD. The guys at FSB have been working on this thing which is a really cool sounding compressor/ ?. They have the schematic there, but only a pcb, no vero.

  192. I’d like to build a Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 clone in a vero layout; it’s a nice and lost effect. Then there’s also a Devi Ever Shoegazer, another nice stompbox. Thanks Harald for your great work!

  193. Would it be possible to have the E.H. MemoryMan Deluxe and the Electric Mistress?
    Madbean has both his own versions schematics: DirtBag Deluxe and Current Lover.


  194. Can you please make the vero layout of a mixer with 3 channel volume pots and the switchs of the 3 channels separately? If possible of course…

  195. Hi Harald,

    I really hate to make requests because there are so many great pedals on your site. I’ve been trying to find the perfect distortion pedal and I simply can’t get over how good the Wampler Pinnacle is. Have a listen:

    Incredible. I’ve tried to track down a schematic for you but I’ve only come up with this:

    As much as I love it, I’ll never bring myself to buying another pedal. We all know there’s simply no fun in that. 🙂


  196. Hi,
    Your site is really GREAT!
    I am desperately looking for a vero/schematic of Wampler PLEXTORTION (in my opinion the BEST JCM 800 pedal, great sound and tone stack)
    Can you help me?

  197. I’m sure this isn’t a huge incentive, but if you get around to doing a vero for the Pitch Pirate I’ll PayPal you a few bucks for your troubles. I was planning on doing this after exams in December so I’ll likely have to order parts soon.

  198. Hi, Russ. I’ve got this one already. Go to the “vero layouts” page and look for “Carl Martin PlexiTone” in the distortion category 🙂

  199. The Plexitone would be a great layout. Madbean has a version of this called the Boneyard that has some improvements. Brian will have PCBs in November, but I’d like to give the veroboard a shot. I’ve never used it before. Thanks!

  200. yeah the one you did is just the standard one.

    The G string goes both in front of the amp and in the loop ill try dig up a schematic.

    If you give me an email address i will email them over for you.


  201. Hehe, I also did the ISP Decimator, but in fairness I don’t believe it’s the “G string” version. If you can find me a schematic for the “G string” version I’ll surely have a look at that as well 🙂

    Haven’t got a clue about the channel switching so I can’t really help you there. I’d like to learn more, though, just never enough time. You know…

    A verified schematic for the SLO would be helpful for sure.

  202. I didnt notice that you had done the snow white i shall search for it.

    Also i had another thought

    would the ISP decimator G string be possible?

    Thanks again for such a great resource im currently working through the little angel.

    Also i know its not a pedal as such but ive been trying to figure this out for a while and i just cant get the channel switching to work do you have any ideas?

    I have also built a 50w SLO clone and have some verified schematics and layouts if you want them as i noticed its on your list.

  203. It would be awesome to see something like the snow white auto wah

    and if its possible the MXR 10 band EQ?


  204. Request: Wampler – Plexi-Drive AMAZING tight sounding pedal!! Thanks in advance.


  205. schematics for other stuff I had there (and a few others in the list where you are requesting schematics:

    Zvex Fuzz Factory

    scratch the carbon copy request (unless you’ve had others).. i’ve since taken a look inside one and it looks extremely complex, and after some further reading this is the reason why i’ve had some difficulty finding decent schematics.

    could i please add death by audio – fuzz war?: (after login)

  206. i’ve also put a link and shout out about your site on my blog at, fyi. love your work mate, bravo!

  207. great site, embarking on a number of builds from your vero designs as we speak! i notice you don’t have a lot of phasers – could you maybe take a look at a EH bad stone (there’s a great site here – Loving the catalinbread and zvex stuff too.. a fuzz factory would be simply awesome, as would a mxr carbon copy delay.. 🙂

    thanks for everything harald, you rock!

  208. I have a few vero suggestions, great site by the way.
    Catalinbread Pareidolia
    Mid-Fi Clari(not)
    Mid-Fi Pitch Pirate
    ZVex LOFI
    ZVex Fuzz Factory
    Way Huge Green Rhino


  209. Thanks, Andrew. I’ll write down the single-sided King Of Tone request.
    A donation button? Hmm… May look into that. Really nice of you to consider such a thing, though. Appreciate it!

  210. Harald,

    Love the King of Tone layout.. is there any way we could get a single-sided version of the KOT? I want to build one but definitely don’t need dual circuits. By the way… do you have a paypal donation link? I’d like to send a few dollars your way for making all of these awesome layouts!

  211. Hi Harald and thnx for your great work!

    A vero of the stompunderfoot screaming panda would be absolutly great!


  212. What about the Catalinbread Formula 5 or WIIO? Thanks for all your hard work. It’s appreciated


  213. Hi Harald,
    thank you very much for doing the riot layout. It confirmed my opion concerning the clipping section. Many thanks for this.
    Found recently a quite worse layout of XOTIC RC / AC Booster, which is’nt working. Especially using a JRC 4557!!!! there are no 4557 ‘s anywhere. What about a suitable layout RC / AC Booster?
    Greetings henning

  214. Hi Harald, would love to see a vero layout of the Quicksand Distortion pedal. There’s a thread over at FSB. Thanks!

  215. Harald,
    thanks for reply concerning the Riot recently. Thought about Analogman`s King Of Tone. Made it, but it´s really silent. What about a veroboard design by YOU?

  216. Hi Harald,

    i would be very thankful if you could do a layout for the king of tone from analogman. Schematic on the madbean side (project: Aristocrat).


  217. Hi, marmite. Did you have a look in the “schematics and drawings” section? I’ve posted a few basic illustrations on how I usually do offboard wiring, how I number my pot lugs etc. Other than that I’m not entirely sure on what level the instructions on the layout are vague.
    The “delay” pot is easy, just connect lug #1 to ground and lug #2 (and optionally #3) to the layout as indicated.
    The “level” pot is slightly more involved, connect #1 to ground and numbers 2 and 3 to the layout as indicated, but run a second wire from lug #3. The second wire connects straight to lug #3 of the “repeat” pot.
    Lug #1 of the “repeat” pot goes to ground and the remaining lug (#2) connects to the center lug on one of the poles on the “infinite” DPDT switch (#5 as of the layout).
    The other center lug on the “infinite” switch (#2) connects to the layout as indicated. (Have a look at the aforementioned illustrations under “schematics and drawings” for a visual on how the switch is numbered).
    Then connect a 15k resistor across lugs 3 and 6 on the switch (that’d be one end lug on each pole), and finally connect an 11k resistor across lugs 1 and 4.
    Hope you sort it out. Good luck!
    (Cool band name, by the way).

  218. hey its marmite from trasigleksak, hmm i was woundering about the rebote delay 2.4 vero design, i have created it but dont get it to work really, could you please tell me where i shuld connect the pots, the instruction are kinda vage,

  219. Hello harald! i would really wish a layout for plexitone. Theres a schematic over at, the project is Boneyard.

    I really appreciate your hard work to this site.

  220. Hi, Henning. Can’t really tell you what’s correct, but I’ll write it up and have a look at it when I find the time.

  221. Hello Harald,
    as I wrote to you a few months earlier I’m deeply impressed about your performance you do here.
    As a request or deep wish, thinking about the SUHR RIOT. There are in fact a few layouts in the net, but in the clipping section totally different. I noticed that the riot is based on the old Marshall Govner. I know that the Govners clippingsection is using red LED.
    There is a RIOT layout which allow you to switch between GE Diodes, Blue LED in conjunction with 914’s OR!!! red LED. (3 positions)
    So my opinion is that the riot uses always the red LED in conjunction with either GE Diodes or Blue LED plus 914’s (2 positions)
    What’s the right one?
    Thank you so far

  222. Hi Harald, may i request something that is not necessarily a vero layout? i am looking into making myself an a/b switch box/pedal and would like to have a wiring diagram as a guide. and for this, i need your help(or anyone for that matter) as im not well versed both technically and electronically. i would want it to have 2 send and receives operated by 2 separate 3pdts, with 1 signal in, and 1 signal out. i want it to also be able to bypass both send and receives and go straight from signal in(guitar) to signal out(amp). and say if i also want to have an option for stacking(eg. send and receive #1 stacks with send and receive #2), can it be achieved?

    i hope whatever i said above made sense. lol. thank you, Harald!

  223. Maybe a veroboard for a Latching Relay based True Bypass would be great! Included Led control. Like the ClickLess True Bypass system. I’m tired of changing bad 3pdt…

  224. Hey, love your layouts!
    It would be amazing to see an Ibanez/Maxon OD850, the version with the single knob Baxandall, for your next vero layout. 😀

  225. hi mr.harald..
    i love this site when i know we can request for the vero layout..
    mmmmm i need ANIMATO’s vero layout..
    could you help me..??

    email me..


  226. I’d freak out for the schematic of the Catalinbread Semaphore and the Subdecay Proteus. Love your site btw !

  227. Hee Haraldcould

    you drop me an email…
    i got some interresting scheme’s for you i got the EH scheme’s for all the requests.

    just drop me an email

  228. Would you be able to do a layout of the MidFi Pitch Pirate if I gave you the schem?

  229. can you make Fulltone Fulldrive 2 (mosfet / dual foot switch version) vero layout….please….

  230. hey, great site you’ve got here! i don’t have any requests, but i just wanted to let you know that i put you on my list of diy links on my blog. keep it up!

  231. Bajaman’s new Vibrotrem !!!
    Should be possible to make it fit into a B-size enclosure…
    I thought about using a quad opamp, but maybe it´s better to keep the lfo and the audio parts separated…

  232. Hello! 🙂

    Following muhd’s request, I’d like to ask you a vero layout of Wampler Ecstasy pedal! 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

  233. hello again harald!! I would like to see a layout of Wampler plexi drive over at Freestompboxes. Woohoo!!

    Keep it this up, i love your site its great!!

  234. Thanks for the Fetto layout. I’m definitely going to give it a go soon. The only other layout that I would be very excited for is the Rothwell Love Squeeze Compressor

  235. Haha, I’m sure you know just as much (or little) as me. I rely heavily on luck and patience 😉

    A noise gate is a very good suggestion. I’ll chalk it up on the list.

  236. Thanks so much for sharing your work here. I built my Phase 90, Trembulator, DynaComp, and Octavia from your layouts. I was able to fit the Octavia into one of those tiny 1590A enclosures by changing it to put the transformer on the trace side. The Phase 90 I crunched down to 21 columns to fit the 1590B, but it works great so I’d consider your layout verified.
    Anyway, I’m thinking with all these fuzzes and such, perhaps we could use a good noise gate. I tried an old MXR Noise Gate Line Driver and it worked great. Its Line Driver is always on and a momentary switch cuts the gate on and off. I could make my own layout from the schematic but I’d prefer a true bypass version without the momentary switch. If someone wanted the driver without the gate, they could always just turn down the threshold knob. My electronics knowledge is too limited to be able to isolate electronic switching, buffers,etc. as I see you can, from looking at your DS-1 and other layouts.
    Thanks again and keep on truckin’.

  237. I can’t promise you anything, but I can at least have a look at it. Link me the schematic.

  238. Hee Harald,

    could you do a expandora on vero i got it on pcb but i would do it on vero..
    I got an verified scheme on the DIY creator..

  239. Hi Harald, great work here !

    I would like to see the Emma Reezafratzitz vero layout.. i’ve tried doing one once ago, but did not work…

    Thanks in advance

  240. Hey man,

    just made up the Zendrive on vero and it wasnt working. Checked the Schem and it seems you have pins 5 and 8 on the IC mixed up. Could you check it out? Cheers.

  241. I’m seconding the bi-phase. I would love to see that on veroboard and if you get a chance maybe you can check out the expandora and try a layout!! Thanks

  242. Hi Mate,

    great site and great work ! Many thanks for that.

    If you have a second to spare, would you be able to put the MENATONE HOWIE on a veroboard?

    Cheers !

  243. Hi Harald,

    If you find the time a Mutron 3 envelope filter would be great.

    Also if you want a really big challenge try to layout the Micmix Dynaflanger (pcb layout would be best) I would love to see that 😛

    Anyway, thank you for this great site 🙂

  244. Hi harald, another request here. I would like to see a layout for Himmelstrutz Fetto, theres schematics over FSB.

    Thanks for your fabulous work!

  245. I haven’t had a look at any SLO 100 schematic at all yet. Feel free to link me a schematic if there’s a particular one you have in mind.

  246. i would like to see the schematic of SLO 100, which one ‘re u refering to :)?

  247. I would LOVE to get a layout for the Himmelstrutz Fetto Custom. In my opinion one of the best overdrives of all time. Thanks!

  248. I ended up trying my luck at working up a chopped OC-2 vero layout (which I just verified as working), but that in it’s own was a complicated layout to keep condensed. I couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be with the second octave.

  249. Working on a “semi-chopped” OC-2 (a “chopped” build with the second octave retained) at the moment, but it’s a rather complicated layout… I never tried a clean octave effect before I got all these requests, but I’m getting a little excited about this one myself. We’ll see how it turns out 🙂

  250. Hi, Tambey. I’m not really familiar with the type of effect you’re talking about (the piezo one). Canyou direct me to where I can earn more?

  251. Hi, Harald. Very nice vero layout. Would like to build one someday if I have time.

    I like to see if you have an idea, stereo splitter box for magnetic/piezo guitar (like Parker or Music Man JP). Piezo out with XLR would be nice.

    And also Suhr Riot.

    Thanks again Harald.

  252. Zendrive! i cant tell which are real layouts and fake on the net, i can trus you tho…

    love from ME!

  253. Hi!

    I love your website!
    Your Vero layouts are just great.
    Some of the pedals I’ve been looking for are:

    – EH Poly Chorus.

    – EH Multiplexer.

    – Xotic BB+ (The newer 2 foot-switches version).

    – Tech21 SansAmp Classic.

    – Tech21 SansAmp GT2.

    – Slo 100




    Considering how good you are, I hope you’ll be able to help me with those.

    Thanks again for everything.

  254. Oh, I forgot: a nice vero layout for a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 (the mosfet one with 2 footswitches), as the other ones found on the web are a little unclear! Thanks! 🙂

  255. This is an awesome collection you have here! Amazing work.
    One thing I’d be really keen for is a vero layout of the dual MN3005/MN3205 mod for the aqua-puss/dm-2 delays. The few boards that were made are long sold, and I can’t etch.

  256. Thanks for the compliment! You’re certainly welcome to ask. I can’t promise anything, but this list will give me an idea what all of you would like to see.

  257. Hi!
    You’re just great, I’ll build soon some of your vero-effects! 🙂

    Btw, is it possible to have some vero layouts of non-fuzz octaver like micro pog or boss oc-2/oc-3?
    Then (I’m going nuts!) I’d like to ask you for a Univibe (like danelectro coolcat vibe), the CE-2 chorus, and… THE TUBE DRIVER! 🙂

    Thanks for your efforts! 🙂

  258. How about the Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress. I’m also trying to find Ampeg Scrambler and ampeg octave layouts.

  259. Not to overload you with requests, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a layout for the OKKO Dominator. It has just been degooped and traced over at FSB.

  260. Hey Harald,

    I have a challenging one for you, if you’re up for it. Way-Huge Aqua Puss analog delay (pretty much a clone of the Boss DM-2). If you’re willing to attempt a layout, I’m willing to verify 😉

    However, I only have MN3205 and V3205s as those pesky MN3005s are pricey/scarce.

    Bajaman has an example of how to change polarity for 3205 chips in his layouts here:

    Feel free to remove this request if it’s far to complex for veroboard.

    Thanks 🙂

  261. Harald,

    I’d like to see veros for the okko Diablo (+) and the maestro parametric filter. But a verified pcb-layout would be alright as well 😉

  262. Dude, i saw your 3 fx cmos switch thing and think its awesome.. what i’d love though is a smaller version for using a spst instead of the usual 3pdt for any effect. (which i think would be same thing but with only 2 fx to switch between)

  263. Hi Harald,

    Absolutely love the work you’ve done. I’ve successfully built quite a few effects using the layouts you’ve posted. Many, many thanks for all your efforts!

    A few layouts I’ve been looking for, without success, would be Bajaman’s Sonic Stump (BBE Sonic Stomp), the old CD4049 version of Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes, and Tonepad’s MXR Blue Box workalike.

    If you ever decide to work out a layout for any of those, I’ll gladly build one up to verify 🙂


  264. I’ll start by adding to the list the various things I’m tinkering with at the moment.

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