Preamp emulators


  • Boogeyman [Verified] – Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+ emulator.
  • Dr. Boogey [Verified] – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier emulator.
  • DR103 [Verified] – Hiwatt DR103 emulator.
  • Hot Cat [Verified] – Bad Cat Hot Cat emulator.
  • JCM800 [Verified] – Marshall JCM-800 emulator.
  • Mark IV Lead [Verified] – Mesa Boogie Mark IV lead channel emulator.
  • Modern SLO 100 [Verified] – Soldano SLO 100 emulator.
  • ROG Uno [Verified] – Mesa Boogie Mark I emulator.
  • Seventheaven [Verified] – Bogner Ecstacy emulator.

13 thoughts on “Preamp emulators

  1. Hello there, Harald.
    Have you ever heard of using MosFets (Like BS170 or 2N7000) for preamp emulators?
    I have heard that they are extremely quiet.

  2. Hi George,
    As you may have noticed I have most of my time tied up in other projects these days. Not saying it won’t happen, but probably not any time soon. Sorry 🙁

  3. Greetings Harald,
    Just checking out if you have any intentions of making any other preamp layout any time soon…

  4. Sorry Paolo. Your message got caught in the spam filter.
    I had a quick look at your layout. It looks like it will probably work, but I can spot one mistake; R2 and R3 (and the S1 switch) does nothing the way you have it now. You want the switch to be a three-way rotary kind where you connect the center lug to IC pin 2 and two of the outer lugs to R2 and R3 respectively (while keeping the last outer lug open). This will actually work just as well (and take up a lot less space) if you use a regular SPDT on-off-on toggle switch with center lug to pin 2 and either outer lug to R2 and R3 respectively.
    Other than that there’s a lot of room for optimizing the layout when it comes to size, but that comes with experience. I personally don’t like diagonal jumpers, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I’d also think about lead spacing on capacitors and try to lay them out without too large of a gap, but these are details.
    Fix the switch/R2/R3 wiring and you should be good to go. Happy building 🙂
    (Also, the NE5532 isn’t a FET opamp, but the TL062/072/082 should be OK).

  5. Hi Harald, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee do a fender deluxe reverb or fender twin clean preamp.

  6. hey what a great Site !! man u are awsome!!
    what about a fender twin pream ? a preamp with crystal clears !!

  7. You could always add a Dumble preamp. :)Maybe an Ethos type effect. I know I’d like to see it! 🙂

  8. Sure I can add a good clean preamp emulator to my list, but I’d like suggestions as to which ones you prefer to see. I’m lacking the overview of what’s out there.

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