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Me on a sunny dayMy name is Harald Sabro. I’m a 30-something (33 as of this writing) guy from Norway. As a day job I design and develop system software for the IT security industry, primarily on the Windows platform (filter drivers etc., the fun stuff). And when I have time to spare I tinker with pretty much anything that has to do with audio electronics, focusing on the electric guitar specifically (I can’t play much though, since I usually end up designing or building something instead).

I’m self-taught when it comes to electronics, having learned what little I know from reading numerous books and lurking on forums, supplemented with a few years of experience now.

This site started as a medium for me to share a few basic vero layouts, more so for my own sake than for anyone else, and has over the years grown to include quite a lot of basic vero layouts, as well as a few other bits and pieces. It’s as much a diary of my own projects as anything else.

I love music and I love working on this stuff, and by giving away as much as possible I hope to help and inspire people like you!

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18 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Harold.
    I had to tell you that your lighthaus is awesome, really, I love mine. Mine is pretty damn quiet too. And it pairs real well with other pedals.
    So if you like the mutant better ……….seems Im a have to build to find out if it can beat my hard to beat “Albahaus”.

  2. Just wanted to say hello, and as someone who has a basic background in electronics, wanted to say I appreciate the way you do your layouts. Very easy on the eye and easy to follow. Liking your work, sir.

  3. Hi Harald. Your website simply rocks! Just finished building my tremulus lune with your tap tempo lfo chip. It’s amazing. Love the chopping action on square wave. Your a great guy! Keep doing what you love, man. Greetings from Poland.

  4. Great site! I love it and keep it up. I hope the new web host worked out for you Harald

  5. Harald,
    Thanks so much for this wonderful resource. I was about to write a long post to explain how much I appreciate what you are doing for us, but it was becoming a novel. Just can’t thank you enough from all of us out here. Stay amazing! Thanks!

  6. Nice to see your photo. For you to know that without your vero layout I will never start make my own guitar effect. Your website is truly inspiring. Thx

  7. you’re young! i was picturing you as an Emmett “Doc” Brown-like crazy old guy! 😀

  8. Nice beard, dude!

    Cheers from the USA, and thanks for sharing your projects with us all. I’ve got guitar pedals everywhere, but it keeps me out of trouble. 🙂

    Plus, I went from having never soldered before to soldering like a wizard now. Seriously, sometimes I stop and realize the difference between now and a year ago and.. well, if I ever have to make my living from soldering or if the Earth gets invaded by aliens that can only be defeated by solder, I’m all set to be a hero. 😀

  9. It’s nice to know a bit more about you Harald
    Thanks for all the info you are sharing with us, we all know it takes a lot of personal time !
    Cheers from France

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