Chorus, tremolos, delays & reverbs

6 thoughts on “Chorus, tremolos, delays & reverbs

  1. hi. can you make a tap tempo version of way huge aqua puss? that would be great help. thanks

  2. I only just now saw that you answere to my post. Say Harald, what do you say about opening a section where we could post pictures of our builds, or maybe we could send those pictures to you and you could post them if you like em. Maybe that would be cleaner, and easier implementation-wise, just a thought. Another suggestion could be some sort of notifying system, cause I often end up not seeing the response on a section of your site where lies my interests..
    BEst regards Harald my friend

  3. Sorry Marko. Your post ended up in the spam filter. Happy to hear it and good luck with your future builds 🙂 EA tremolo added to list.

  4. Hi Harald, loving the new menu and the sections 🙂
    You should do this schematic in a vero form => it’s a great tremolo.

    Btw, you’re really doing a fantastic job here, I actually made quite a few pedals using your layouts now and all of them are working brilliantly. Even a famous guitarist from my country uses a pedal that I made out of your layout and everything is smooth and rawks! 🙂
    now I am building the Zendrive for my friend. Will post pictures soon.

    Best regards friend!

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