The “Lighthaus” is my attempt at grasping the essence of the excellent high-gain circuit “Openhaus”, while also addressing what I personally find to be unnecessary or less good. One of the main goals was to reduce the component count, noticeably the costly opamps, and trying to use standardized values as much as possible; a stripped down, light-weight version.

Lighthaus_1_0Lighthaus– The expression jack and the extra input buffer has been removed.
– The power section has been reworked for standard +9V using a voltage doubler.- The 3-way gain mode switch has been reduced to a 2-way switch so it can be made “stomp-able”.
– The active tone stack that comprised almost half the circuit and was using three opamps has been entirely replaced by an active Baxandall treble/bass section and a matching mid control, using only one opamp (those OPA2604’s are really expensive!).
– The mid voicing and phase switching controls have been removed.

Overall I’m very happy with how it turned out, though I’m still not very happy having to rely on 1N1306 germanium transistors. I would like to find something that’s easier to source, but still sounds great. Suggestions are welcome 🙂

Lighthaus buildLighthaus gut shotLighthaus circuitThe circuit is a great deal smaller than the (quite large) Openhaus layout I did many years ago, so fitting this in a standard 1590BB was perfectly doable. (Forgive my poor “late at night” photos).

I didn’t get to keep mine many days before it saw it’s way into my friends hands, who is now actively gigging with it. Very happy with that as well, although I will have to build a new one for myself.

6 thoughts on “Lighthaus

  1. Thanks for the layouts Harold. I have built a few of yours now and really like it.

  2. I’ll consider the mid-voicing option, but personally I’m happy the way it is now.
    You have the schematic available to you, so could be an interesting exercise 😉

  3. hy harald
    i built this and it works, really good and very amp like with more gain than my previous built of toneczar openhaus from your layout.. i like the overdrive mode from this baby. I used op275 and ne5532 instead of apa2604, i dont know the diference sound of opa2604.
    how about to add mid voicing pot to this pedal? i think it will be more good


  4. I haven’t tried, but I would assume it can do them quite well given the gain on tap and the flexible tone stack.

  5. Hy harald
    Great Job man..How about palm mute sound from this pedal?..


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