Bugs and issues

If you find any bugs or obvious issues, please let me know.

Known bugs and issues – Version 1.2:

  • The layout management in conjunction with iCloud is erratic and glitchy at times.
  • There’s a slight label offset mismatch on components with a polarity indicator, like electrolytics and diodes.
  • Seen once: Auto-correct doing wonky suggestions when typing in layout metadata, and accepting the suggestion only to have it not save when closing and re-opening the layout.
  • When a layout workspace reaches a certain, very large size it hits a performance threshold and graphics become choppy (iPad retina). Not likely to be encountered with normal use.
  • File management: Occasional glitches with long-press menu (where it’s displayed and what file is actually selected) when performing rapid changes like deleting several files in succession. Basically the UI redrawing is getting tangled up with ongoing iCloud synchronization.
  • When opening .vero files from other apps, if StripboardCAD is already running on the device that layout file is received and opened for editing, but if StripboardCAD is NOT running on the device, it receives the layout file fine, but fails to open it for editing.

5 thoughts on “Bugs and issues

  1. IOS just updated to the latest version and now the “rotate 180” option on diodes and electrolytic is glitchy

  2. Sorry for your troubles, James. On a positive note an update addressing the problem should hit the app store at this very moment.

  3. Hi, I’ve been using the StripboardCAD app to design new boards and capture old designs that I had hand drawn. I was using an older iPad Mini 2 running iOS 10 until recently. After upgrading to iOS 12, I can no longer open existing layouts or create new ones. The same problem also exists with a new iPad Pro that I just got, hoping to have a larger space to design board with. It would be great to have a working app again, hope you can fix the issue.


  4. Hey!
    Love the app, it’s been a ton of help. However, I just got to the workbench to work on a new project but the app crashes every time I try to open something or start a new layout. Your help is appreciated!! I need to get to my work…

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