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  1. Is anybody still here? I am new to this and want to build my own. I have questions regarding clones design and specs. I can’t find the pedal I want and will make it myself. Anyone here?

  2. Ah, the BD-2. I can’t tell you for sure, but I did base it on a schematic claiming to be a clone (just without the typical Boss buffered switching).

  3. Harald, my question is: is this the clone of the original stock, or you change some values to have a better sound? Do you think that i’ll need to do any mod? Some people mod theire original one…. Thanks

  4. Thank you so much for all these cool layouts. So far I have built (all successful BTW)…

    – Zvex Machine
    – Zvex Wooly Mammoth
    – Rebote Delay
    – Little Angel Chorus
    – Zen Drive
    – OCD
    – Proco Rat (less mods)
    – Wampler Plexi-Drive
    – Flatline Compressor
    – Noisy Cricket 9v Amp

    Now I need more parts! 🙂

  5. Ah, could I trouble you for info on how you create your graphics then please Harald? I’m useless when it comes to anything like that, but desperately want to try! What software do you use buddy? Thanks, Milkit

  6. Ah…that’s exactly what I was looking for. Can you post a link to which type (brand) of paper & glue you use? I’m up in Canada…it’s hard to source this stuff up here sometimes.

    Many thanks Harald!

  7. Hi, Marco. If I remember correctly I commented about that on the Wampler Tripple Wreck post. But I didn’t touch on how I draw the graphics, only how I print it and secure it etc. Was that what you were wondering about?

  8. Hi Harald,

    Not sure if it’s been asked yet or if you’ve got a special spot for it on this page…but how are you going about creating the stickers for the pedals? (Like you did on the Triple Wreck?)

    They’re pretty sick and I’d love to make some up myself.


  9. Sorry to hear about your unsuccessful build, Andrew. I could have made a mistake of course, this happens. I’ll try to build this circuit eventually if nobody else does first, but I’m afraid I have a lot of stuff on my todo list.

  10. So I built the King of Tone single version and I couldn’t get it to work. No sound. I’ve built lots of pedals in the past with great success so I wouldn’t say I’m a novice at building anymore. I triple-checked all of my solder joints and the layout of my components etc and I’m stuck until someone else builds one successfully or the layout is revised. I could have made a mistake somewhere in my build but I just don’t see it. Hope someone can figure it out.

  11. Hey Harald, the King of Tone – single version has an error 404 page when clicked on. I’ll be building this one pretty soon and let you know if its verified. Thanks.

  12. I probably wouldn’t have thought of that if it wasn’t for one of my test rig switches doing just that a couple weeks ago. You never know, these things do fail from time to time. Keeping my fingers crossed you’ll sort it out.

  13. Wow Harald, in rereading this thread I’m particularly drawn to your comment regarding a faulty footswitch; I don’t know how I never thought of that since the wiring checked out. I’ll investigate that, thanks.

  14. Thanks Harald, the rig works with boards I’ve obtained from guitarpcb.com and madbean, but I note differences between your designs like having a ground from the board as well as various pots, though where I normally do the star grounding where grounds converge from the board, bypass switch, output jack and 9v to the ring of the input jack (and therefore only one ground connection at the test rig, I just connected the two or three extra wires to the same spot on the test rig as I normally connect the one from the board. The two zendrives look identical, or as close as possible, that’s why I thought if I threw it in the box it might work. One thing weird about the test rig is that you hear nothing in bypass, so maybe I’ve got to revisit that. As I said, those other boards work on it though…anyway, I’ll let you know if I get the Squeezer working!

  15. My first thought is that there’s something wrong with the wiring of your test rig. There’s very little reason for you not to have any signal even at the input. I’d start by triple checking everything on the test rig. Maybe the on/off switch is faulty or some such?

    And sorry, I did see your comment earlier, but didn’t get around to responding.

  16. Hi Harald, I had sent these two messages yesterday on the page for the layout of the Orange Squeezer, but when I looked at the dates of a lot of that activity I figured I’d reprint them here in case that page was a closed topic or something.

    I tried to build this and it didn’t work. I then started checking with my audio probe and discovered I got nothing at the input even after replacing the input wire and C1. At points beyond this I did get sound but no effect. Any ideas? I’m no expert at troubleshooting or any of this obviously, but I would expect to hear something with the audio probe at input I think. The testing is done on a test rig I built that is an enclosure with the off board wiring all done…I used star grounding. Looking at the diagram the only way I see it going to the IC is input to R2 jumping to the “L” strip, going to L12 and jumped up under the IC. But as you can see I’m grabbing at straws here. C1 (.047U) won’t allow anything to pass, so it’s hard to say whether it’s a problem with the input or the cap…if I had to suspect one I guess it would have to be the cap, but as I said I replaced that with the same result. I’ve cleaned out all the channels between the strips and cleaned the board with a tooth brush and alcohol. I’ve also re-flowed all the solder joints. Any ideas? I mainly did the project to try to verify, but it looks like others, while still having problems did better than me!


    Just a thought: in the last week I’ve built two Zendrives from this fine site, and the Squeezer. Only one Zendrive worked out of the three circuits, and it was the one I happened to build right into the box without using my test rig. I just remembered hearing that some circuits need to actually be in the box with hardware mounted etc. to work for grounding reasons. Could that be my problem here, because the only one that did work I built right into the box, as I’ve done with all previous projects on this site.

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