Tap-Tempo Clock chips available

I’ve added a couple of tap-tempo clock chips to the shop section. Included with the chips I’m adding a 20-pin IC socket and the required 20MHz crystal.

And I’ve noticed I’m running low on LFO chips, so I’ve ordered another batch of empty ones. Will have new ones up for sale soon.

Updated: 11 August, 2014 — 00:43

Planning to move

Update (10.08.2014): Looks like it’s working correctly, and everything should now be running on the new host. Let me know if something isn’t quite working.

Hah! No stupid out-of-memory warnings when accessing the shopping cart :)


Updated: 10 August, 2014 — 20:29

Tap-Tempo Clock

Update (09.07.2014): And here’s the new vero layout! Unfortunately I haven’t verified this one as I patched my original, faulty board rather than creating a new one. But I have looked it over and it should be good ;)

For those few of you interested in building this for yourself, I’ll try to stock the shop section with a few pre-programmed Tap-Tempo Clock chips as soon as the empty ones I ordered arrives. If possible I’ll also include a 20-pin DIP socket and the 8MHz crystal.


Tap-Tempo Clock box keeping my tremolo sync’ed.

TapTempoClock in action (more…)

Updated: 10 July, 2014 — 00:54
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