As many of you who are using the app have noticed, the latest iOS version caused the app to crash. Thanks for making me aware of the issue, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience it caused.

I’ve now published an update to address the issue, which should be live as of this writing. The update also brings a number of behind the scenes changes, and also introduces board labels.

I implemented the label-related stuff a long time ago, and never got around to finish it, and revisiting it now I have to admit having a rough time trying to re-understand what I had been going for (and finishing it). Hopefully it will work as intended 🙂

As always, please let me know of any issues you come across.

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4 thoughts on “StripboardCAD 1.4

  1. Hi Harald,

    StripboardCAD is crashing on me mostly when I am deleting stuff in a row. Also it occurs mostly when I am deleting directly with a long touch directly on the object. After 2 till 3 times it crashes.
    (iPad OS 15)
    Cool Programm by the way.

    Thanks Martin

  2. Just bought it on the AppStore, really nice! I just need a few more components. Is there a way to add custom graphics? Even simple things like coloured wire bridges or LEDs…

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