Preamp emulators

  • Boogeyman [Verified] – Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+ emulator.
  • Dr. Boogey [Verified] – Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier emulator.
  • DR103 [Verified] – Hiwatt DR103 emulator.
  • Hot Cat [Verified] – Bad Cat Hot Cat emulator.
  • JCM800 [Verified] – Marshall JCM-800 emulator.
  • Mark IV Lead [Verified] – Mesa Boogie Mark IV lead channel emulator.
  • Modern SLO 100 [Verified] – Soldano SLO 100 emulator.
  • ROG Uno [Verified] – Mesa Boogie Mark I emulator.
  • Seventheaven [Verified] – Bogner Ecstacy emulator.


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  1. Hello there, Harald.
    Have you ever heard of using MosFets (Like BS170 or 2N7000) for preamp emulators?
    I have heard that they are extremely quiet.

  2. Hi George,
    As you may have noticed I have most of my time tied up in other projects these days. Not saying it won’t happen, but probably not any time soon. Sorry 🙁

  3. Greetings Harald,
    Just checking out if you have any intentions of making any other preamp layout any time soon…

  4. Sorry Paolo. Your message got caught in the spam filter.
    I had a quick look at your layout. It looks like it will probably work, but I can spot one mistake; R2 and R3 (and the S1 switch) does nothing the way you have it now. You want the switch to be a three-way rotary kind where you connect the center lug to IC pin 2 and two of the outer lugs to R2 and R3 respectively (while keeping the last outer lug open). This will actually work just as well (and take up a lot less space) if you use a regular SPDT on-off-on toggle switch with center lug to pin 2 and either outer lug to R2 and R3 respectively.
    Other than that there’s a lot of room for optimizing the layout when it comes to size, but that comes with experience. I personally don’t like diagonal jumpers, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I’d also think about lead spacing on capacitors and try to lay them out without too large of a gap, but these are details.
    Fix the switch/R2/R3 wiring and you should be good to go. Happy building 🙂
    (Also, the NE5532 isn’t a FET opamp, but the TL062/072/082 should be OK).

    I have try this vero from this schematic:
    This is my vero layout:
    Is my first vero conversion, cam you be so kind to give me an opinion if you could, or if you see some mistakes?
    Thanks anyway!

  6. Hi Harald, I found one schematic on the net, the AB763 which is the blackface… may have a look

  7. rizroy, what would be the ideal version of these amps and can you point me to a schematic?

  8. Hi Harald, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee do a fender deluxe reverb or fender twin clean preamp.

  9. hey what a great Site !! man u are awsome!!
    what about a fender twin pream ? a preamp with crystal clears !!

  10. You could always add a Dumble preamp. :)Maybe an Ethos type effect. I know I’d like to see it! 🙂

  11. How bout a Fender Twin! 🙂

  12. Sure I can add a good clean preamp emulator to my list, but I’d like suggestions as to which ones you prefer to see. I’m lacking the overview of what’s out there.

  13. Hey, Harald….. any good clean preamp emulator next?

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