For no apparent reason, here’s a vero layout for the Bespeco Weeper wah effect. I guess you could either set this up as a “fixed-wah” box or put it in a regular wah enclosure with foot-controlled pot.

Based on a schematic by Gottfried Divos, found here.


This effect apparently also go by a few other names with some slight modifications to the part values. I’ll see if I can add some more info on that tomorrow.

Update (23.06.2013): Substitutes you can make to create other similar effects:

Colorsound Wah-Wah Zvex Ooh-Wah
R2  330K 330K
R5  180K 180K
R7 180K 180K
R9 470 jumper
R10 33K 330K
R12 same 470K
C1 missing same
C3 100n 100n
C4 2n2 2n2
C5 6n8 10n
C6 15n 15n
C8 100n 100n
C9 2n2 2n2
Q1 ? (medium gain silicon NPN) MPSA18
Wah pot same LDR

Update (02.09.2013): Verified as working, thanks to Clint C.

Update (12.09.2013): Not sure what I was getting at about a cut underneath R10. No cut necessary and layout has been updated. Thanks To Olav for spotting this 😉

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4 thoughts on “Bespeco Weeper

  1. Hi Harald, is this schematic supposed to have a wah pot? And change to an LDR in the Zvex oohwah?

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