7 thoughts on “Green ringer

  1. There’s an illustration in the “schematics & drawings” section which will describe this a lot better than I can do with mere words.

  2. Hi im trying to build this pedal and have dpdt switch can can’t figure out which switch number corresponds to which pin on the switch itself any hep would be great cheers.

  3. Hi Harold,

    excuse me but I’ve not understood if filter switch is the on/off switch too? and isn’t there any pot in this project?

    thanks so much. 🙂

  4. Thanks Harold! I’ve just finished making this and it works!
    Well, at least I think it works… I’m not 100% sure how it’s supposed to sound…
    I’ve swapped the 1N914s for 1N4148s and the 2N5088s for 2N4401s.
    It’s not quite the same as others I’ve heard on YouTube.
    Does anyone have a sound-clip of this version that I can compare to?

  5. Love the Green Ringer. It was my first build – it was a kit. After all these years, It’s still on my board.
    It’s amazing what a pedal with no knobs can do for your sound.

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