Update (10.08.2014): Looks like it’s working correctly, and everything should now be running on the new host. Let me know if something isn’t quite working.

Hah! No stupid out-of-memory warnings when accessing the shopping cart 🙂

I’m not too happy with my current hosting solution, and I plan on moving the site somewhere else as soon as I get time. Without having done anything like this before I assume there will be a few days downtime etc. I’ll keep you updated.

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5 thoughts on “Planning to move

  1. are you up with the new host yet? I wish you luck. Stay on the webs. I love your content Harald. What would i do with my free time?! lol
    Your fan

  2. Thanks for the advice, Jaeger. By the time you read this response the new host should be up and running *fingers crossed*

  3. Shouldn’t be too bad Harald. Get the new site up and running with only the IP address. Then just update your DNS record for sabrotone.com to the new IP and the magic of the interwebs should push a DNS cache flush and all will be well. Some users may see up to 60 minutes downtime, but the vast majority should get the update within minutes if not seconds. Just make sure you don’t shut off the old site before the new one is up and running.

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