24 thoughts on “Rebote 2.5 digital delay

  1. I tried with a trim pot but I didn’t find any suitable value (as said only bypassing the resistor made the repeat working a bit better or at least not so noisy.
    So I ordered a 25k trim pot as it was not available in store… I’m waiting for delivery 🙂
    By the way thanks your job, donating right now.

  2. Hi nick, it very well might be. Try increasing to something bigger than 15k (maybe stick a 50k trim pot in there to give you a better range of adjustment?).

  3. I just build the rebote and it’s working very fine but something is not working correctly I think, the infinite switch seems allways on with with both 11k or 15k resistor, only way to calm it down is to bypass it. I use a 20k pot for repeat (couldn’t find a 25k..) could this be the issue?
    ***sorry for the bad English 🙂

  4. Hi Xavier,
    100nF is probably OK. Have you measured the voltages on the 78L05 and PT2399? Check out the debug section for some more info.

  5. Hi there!
    Built it and have a problem.
    Wiring seems good, I’ve got sound while bypassed and when it’s on, I’ve got a clean sound with a clicking noise responding when tweaking the pots. Any idea where that would come from ?
    I had no 82nf caps and used 100nf, would that be an issue ?

  6. Hi Harald,

    I just successfully built this with your layout. Thank-you for the amazing website, SOOO useful. You can be sure that my next project will use another one of your great layouts!!

  7. If i wanted to make the oscillation switch to be controled and tuned in with a 20k trim pot, would i replace the trim pot with the 15k or the 11k resistor on the DPDT toggle?

  8. I couldn’t get the issues fixed so I scrapped the vero and I just rebuilt this on a self etched board and it works!! Pretty awesome pedal. I have just two questions now. Why is mine louder when on than bypassed? Is there a quick fix for audible pops when I switch it on? I am using 3pdt. Thanks!!

  9. I was wondering if anybody could help me debug my pedal. I get a fast repeating beep the whole time the pedal is on and delay time is right around 5 seconds no matter what I do. Any idea of what to check first? I would really love to get this working as I recently sold my only delay pedal. Thanks.

  10. Just finished building! 🙂

    Great delay, a little better than PT-80, as it’s warmer and more musical, imho 🙂

    Btw I built it without the Infinite Switch, but I forgot to put the 15k resistor over Repeat lug #2 LOL it’s oscillating like a dubstep/techno drum machine! I’ll fix it as soon as I can, but it’s still a fantastic pedal 🙂 Thanks!

  11. Hi Cristian. Is the DPDT switch a “Mini Toggle DPDT On-Off-On” or a “Mini Toggle DPDT On-On”. Thanks.

  12. According to tonepad.com, where the schematic for this was originally posted, it’ capable of up to 580ms of delay.

  13. Hi Harald I have a question.

    What is the count for the dpdt switch goes like?
    1 4
    2 5
    3 6

    You use this count?

  14. I built this thing yesterday from this layout at it works pretty damn well. It’s funny though, it stopped working about a minute into using it the first two times, and then worked fine without a hitch every time after so far. Not sure at all why, but it’s good to go now. Thanks for taking the time to make your website, the layouts are fantastic!

  15. Hi, Christian. I had a look at the tap tempo links you gave me and there’s a snag. It seems all tap tempo projects require a programmed PIC chip to function, which is a bit outside the scope of a regular DIY vero build. You can probably buy a pre-programmed PIC chip from a few different sources, but if you do you might as well also order the matching PCB while you’re at it.

    I’d love to learn all about proramming PIC chips myself. Hmm… Where to start?

  16. i just built this as a gift for a friend a few days ago. really liking it!

    will now build one for myself, but am still looking for a verified schematic to implement a tap tempo switch 🙂

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