Finished this one tonight; a vero layout for the Ampeg Scrambler. Not verified this one yet and I don’t plan to in the near future either, but do let me know if you give this a try and it works 🙂

Update (08.06.2011): C3 reoriented and layout verified. Thanks to Dennis.

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5 thoughts on “Request: Ampeg Scrambler

  1. Harald,
    After getting power thanks to your advice I was still going crazy trying to debug the circuit. I finally figured out that the supplier sent me three incorrect transistors. After getting new ones from Mouser I dropped them in and my Scrambler works perfectly!

  2. Albert, if you still trying to get this working, re-check the pinout of your transistors. If you use different than in the layout, that could be the problem.
    I’m too going to build this later.

    It is reported that original scrambler layout (and tonepad too) had that C3 wrong.

  3. Hi, Albert. Sorry you can’t get this one working. This layout was verified previously after it was reported that C3 had to be reoriented. Maybe you can try this cap the way it was originally, with (+) towards “Blend 1”? Other than that I can only suggest you start debugging.

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