Here’s one for the new year! This is a vero layout for the Catalinbread SFT, from what I understand a circuit based on the Ampeg SVT preamp. Should be good for both bass and guitar; let me know as usual 🙂


Update (04.02.2013): After building this one last night I decided to change the Gain pot from a log to a reverse log type to get more useful settings from it. With the audio pot there was nothing happening until about 3 o’clock. Seems to be working now; tried it on both guitar and bass.

Update (22.02.2013): Rev. 2: Removed text claiming there’s a cut underneath R24 which there isn’t.

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8 thoughts on “Request: Catalinbread SFT

  1. This is more than likely due to a small mistake somewhere. Overdrives and distortion effects are typically capable of substantially increasing the volume.
    Check out the “debugging” section for some ideas on where to start.

  2. Thanks a lot! Build this one last week and it sounds great (at least in high gain settings). But my problem is that it is only loud enough when the volume poti is in settings beyond 3 o’clock (even then it is only close to the original volume output of the instrument) – at least when the gain is set below 9 o’clock. Thus low gain settings aren’t possible without losing volume.
    Is this intended or did I make a mistake?

  3. I finished building this SFT and it’s true that gain pot works “after” 3 o’clock (from 0 to maybe 200kohms).
    Today I changed it to 250k linear and it works better than 1M IMO.
    Here I find schematic with little differences in some patrs values: (maybe one of its is “new” and the other is “old” SFT?)
    I’m going to add the blend circuit to this SFT pedal.
    Thanks for lauout

  4. Might be because Catalinbread produced two very different sounding versions of the SFT – the old one with the big white knobs has less bass and treble, the newer one goes deeper and can get more clank.

  5. finally got around to building this one tonight. it works perfect and sounds great. for some reason, it might even be better than my original SFT that I still own. thanks for posting it Harald.

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