Request: Marshall ShredMaster

Here’s a quick vero layout for the Marshal ShredMaster. I’m assuming this is a distortion of some kind just from the name alone. Let me know what you think if you build it.


Update (22.02.2013): Built this one tonight and it works. Thanks to Timothy for verifying this one as well. There seems to be an oscillation issue with the drive at max. Placing a resistor in series with the “Drive 3” connection fixed it for me (I used 22k).

Update (23.06.2013): So apparently there’s two schematics of this effect floating around, and they’re slightly different. Since a few people have had trouble building this I decided to make a layout for the second schematic as well. With a bit of luck this is the one that works 😉


Both schematics can be found in this thread over at My initial version is based on the “1992” schematic, and this new one is (obviously) based on the other one, dated “4/17/02”.

Update (25.06.2013): Just built this second version and it works as advertised without any modifications. There was a bit of oscillation with all controls dimed, but this is not surprising with long test leads attached to the pots flying everywhere, and I expect this to be gone once properly boxed.

If you’re thinking of building this effect I’d go for the second layout, though both work.

Update (26.12.2013): I’ve had this thing around for some time now, but didn’t put knobs on it until today. Here’s how it came out. I’m quite liking it 🙂

ShredMaster buildShredMaster gut shotShredMaster board

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7 thoughts on “Request: Marshall ShredMaster

  1. pinkjimiphoton,
    I’ve had a look at the schematic, vero etc. and also read the thread you linked. Found some interesting discrepancies between the two schematics, and I posted a reply to the thread. Let’s get to the bottom of this 😉

  2. Marcus, I have to apologize for my hasty answer the other day. Having now received more reports of problems I had a closer look at what I’ve previously written on this effect and lo and behold apparently I did have some issues. Going to have a closer look at this now, and will update the main post with an update as soon as possible.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, pinkjimiphoton! A bit of a buzzkill, hehe 🙂 But seriously, a layout that doesn’t work is of limited value so I’ll definitely have a closer look at it right away.

  4. hi harald,
    i believe there’s a mistake on your layout after looking at the schematics for this. level pot pin 1 needs to connect to row L hole 19 (bottom of c12) not contour two. there may be other mistakes too, i haven’t gone thru the whole vero yet, but that is at least one mistake, just a heads-up bro.. there’s a debug thread here:
    please check your vero against the schematics, i may be wrong but i think that may be where part of the problem is.. it would seem without that blocking cap connected right, you’re gonna have a feedback loop which is probably causing the oscillation.
    sorry if i’m a buzzkill…thanks for all ya do man!

  5. Hi Marcus. I’ve built this one and did not have any issues with any of the controls, check the debugging page for some tips. The oscillation is likely due to lead dress and this being a high-gain effect; check out the FAQ for some thoughts and ideas here.

  6. I’ve just finished building, but I’m having a problem with it that maybe someone can help me with. The ‘Level’ control doesn’t seem to do anything, the ‘Gain’ control only really works up hi, and it makes a lot of squealy oscillation type noises. Its overall volume is very quiet.
    I’ve double checked my layout, so I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issues, or has any ideas on how to fix it.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  7. Been looking for a good vero of this for ages, thanks! Its the distortion made famous by Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead fame.

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