4 thoughts on “Request: ROG Splitter Blend

  1. Hi – I posted a comment about this earlier this week. I just wanted to let you know that I actually figured this out after another round of debugging. My own mistake – 1 misplaced cut! Anyway, I can verify that this build works as expected. Mine is now working beautifully! Thanks for the great layout 🙂

  2. Hi Harald, I built this over the weekend following your layout, and I am experiencing a similar problem to @Marcel. In my build, the Red channel is indeed sending and returning the signal as expecting. However, the Green channel is not.

  3. Hey, i’ve built this yesterday but i only get very distorted blead through sound when connecting input and output. Green return does nothing. Red return same as imput. Seems to be somethingbwrong. Ive checket the layout several times without results of finding a misstake on my side.

    How to debug?

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