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Request: Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo

It’s a reverb effect using the Belton BTDR-2 digital reverb brick, but it also throws in a PT2399. Might be interesting.


Update (19.08.2013): Forgot to include a link to where I found the schematic, which was here.

Update (20.08.2013): There was something wrong with the layout image file, but I think it’s sorted now. Thanks for letting me know.

Update (12.09.2013): Told you I’d fix this the other day and of course I forgot. Anyway, thanks to johnk for spotting the error and verify the circuit as working.

Updated: 13 September, 2013 — 00:19

Request: Digital Reverb version 2

Note: This one is experimental.

Accutronics updated their Belton Digital Reverb unit (BTDR-2) and made it much smaller. It also has a different pinout from the old version. I was asked to update my old layout, but I thought I’d try something a little bit more exciting while I was at it.

I put together a pretty straight forward schematic based on the version 2 datasheet circuit with the same embellishments as in version 1 (from the D-Verb schematic from GGG). But having two outputs it became apparent that true-bypass wiring would be hard without employing either a 4PDT or some additional switching circuitry. Therefore I decided to put this together as a buffered effect, and the general ideas here were borrowed from Merlin B’s “Small Time” delay. So the intention is for this to be a buffered reverb effect with mono/stereo output and tails.

It looks good on paper, but I realize there’s much for me to learn still. But rather than leaving this on my shelf for a month or two while I source parts and give the build a try I figured I’d put it up here for the brave ones among you to have a dig at right away.

I’m fairly confident the vero layout follows the schematic at least.

Feedback appreciated if you give this one a try, as always 🙂

Update (18.05.2012): I built this one myself the other day and it worked beautifully. Verified 🙂

Update (26.12.2012): Finished this one today. Being in a pretty bad mood the end result turned out looking quite awful, but at least it works and sounds great. As you can see this was a tight fit in a 1590B. I had to bend the second set of solder lugs on the pot to make room for the board (with some insulation between, obviously). Also found out I had used a 2.5mm DC jack when the whole thing was completed and had to replace that, bleh. Anyway.

Digital reverb v2 buildDigital reverb v2 hardwareDigital reverb v2 gut shotDigital reverb v2 board

Updated: 27 December, 2012 — 00:56

Digital Reverb

Recapping a few of the effects I’ve made recently here’s my take on a Digital Reverb circuit based on the Belton reverb unit. The layout worked great, but fitting the reverb unit in the enclosure I had at hand (I believe it’s a Hammond 1590S)  proved a challenge. I ended up attaching it to the bottom of the pedal.

Digital Reverb vero layout

Updated: 21 December, 2012 — 20:38
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