Request: Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo

It’s a reverb effect using the Belton BTDR-2 digital reverb brick, but it also throws in a PT2399. Might be interesting.


Update (19.08.2013): Forgot to include a link to where I found the schematic, which was here.

Update (20.08.2013): There was something wrong with the layout image file, but I think it’s sorted now. Thanks for letting me know.

Update (12.09.2013): Told you I’d fix this the other day and of course I forgot. Anyway, thanks to johnk for spotting the error and verify the circuit as working.

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25 thoughts on “Request: Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo

  1. Also, if I connect pin 5 to pin 9 of ic1 I am getting reverb…
    I’m not getting audio in amps 1 and 3 of ic1.any help?

  2. Hello, I only have clean signal, no reverb.
    I audio probded the board and I have very very very low audio entering the btdr, is has signal but very low output.
    Also, I stop having audio signal at R4. And at R10 the signal becomes almost inaudible, like the one entering btdr…

    Any help? Voltages of the ics maybe?thanks

  3. Hi Kim44,
    Yes you can! But you have to get the BTDR-1 pinout correct. If I remember correctly they swapped two pins from v1 to v2.

  4. hi harald greeting from indonesia,can i build it with using belton btdr1(the first version)?

  5. You could try increasing R5. Not sure if it’ll work, but give it a try. If you like it you could change it to a pot even.

  6. I love this effect but I find it is a little too quiet. Without using a booster are there any components I could change to make it louder?

  7. hey, another great layout, thank you!

    I’m really happy with this one, but isn’t the Attack control wired backwards? I think I’ve double/triple checked but the pre-delay decreases as the pot goes CW…

  8. I might be off, but doesn’t the depth pot already function as a blend, controlling how much of the reverberated signal you want to mix in with the clean signal?

  9. I had the same problem (dwell didn’t work, the other control were backwards). Johnk’s corrected layout fixed it.

    Thanks Harald and John! Awesome sounding reverb!
    cheers / Fredrik

  10. Going to update my layout to reflect these fixes, just not tonight (falling asleep here). Hoping I won’t forget it all tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback, guys 🙂

  11. I built this one today but you have a couple of minor problems. The dwell control didn’t work at all due to a vero layout error, and the depth control was wired backwards. (rather than try to explain it, just see my corrected vero layout for it. mine also need a 14K resistor for the depth feedback control to make it almost runaway like the original.


    BTW, my unit works perfect now.

  12. Hello Harald! I built this one and it´s partially working. Attack and depth working but they are both counterclockwise. The dwellpot isn´t doing anything in my build, maybe i did a mistake but i´m pretty sure i´ve done what the layout needs.
    Thanks for the effort in doing these layouts. Lots of fun!

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