I always wanted to make this flanger! This vero layout is based on a schematic by moosapotamus. Given the size of this thing I’d be surprised if it doesn’t contain a few mistakes.

Update (14.07.2011): I’ve worked on populating this board over the last couple days and I found two mistakes on the vero layout (so far), two resistors both labeled R63 and C21 should be 1uF and not 1nF. I’ll update the layout, but I would like to verify that the layout is correct first. So far I’ve got sound but no flanging and next step is giving the whole board a look over to make sure I’ve got all the components in the right places. Wish me luck…

Update (29.07.2011): Just finished populating, debugging and correcting my first take on the MN3007 ADA Flanger vero circuit, and now it works!

There were two mistakes on the initial vero layout, a mislabeling of R62 and C21 should have been 1uF and not 1nF. The vero layout has been updated and is now verified.

Note: You’ll notice Q1 looks a little strange. I used a 2N3819 with a different pinout so I had to bend the legs around a bit. Also, don’t count on the trimmer settings you see in this picture, I was playing around with the adjustments.

Update (20.10.2011): Fixed dead picture link.

Update (14.11.2012): Finally got around to calibrating and boxing this one up. What a great flanger (and what a complicated build)!

You can kind of make out my trimmer settings here too, which may or may not be of any help.

Update (16.11.2012): It’s worth mentioning that I used the latching relay vero and a soft-touch stomp switch in place of a 3PDT (seen in the lower left part of the gut shot). Also, in the upper left corner, you’ll notice a small voltage doubler circuit that converts +9v to +18v.Β I didn’t have any luck getting enough voltage to the circuit in the end, trying both ICL7660S, MAX1044 and LT1054. The voltage doubler circuit itself was able to put out about +17v, but this was for some reason that I should probably know loaded down to about +15v when connecting it to the main circuit. In short the circuit is getting a bit less voltage than it should, but I was able to get it working fine regardless.

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17 thoughts on “ADA Flanger

  1. Hello Harald. Thank you for this layout. I’ve built this flanger. This has been my first attempt to build modulation pedal. I’m have only been doing overdrives so far.

    Guess what? It works – jet/subtle flange, but it is very noisy (like hissing noise) no matter how I adjust the trim pots. I do not have frequency counter. I saw YouTube build DIY ADA flanger sounds so nice. Mine does modulate but is so bad hiss and noise. Any suggestions on what can I do? I have a feeling you are going to say audio probe. But I don’t know how to read schematics. I only follow the vero guide πŸ™

  2. After completing this some time ago I have recently re-boxed it, reverted the threshold pot from B100K to the original B10K (more useable), added rate LED and calibrated the trimpots. Sounds brilliant, really great. Thanks again for the layout Harald! Here are some photos of mine:

  3. Wow! That’s quite an undertaking for a 6th pedal! Happy you like it πŸ™‚
    I haven’t really tried different MN3007s, but it would be reasonable to think they’d have some variance to them, being analog components and all. Tuning by ear will do just fine; the important thing is how it sounds πŸ˜‰
    Keep building!

  4. Thanks for this layout, I’m so glad you have made this available! I just completed this one, 6th pedal I have built so far. It worked first time and performs as designed. I used PN4393 FET. Only difference I made was using 100k instead of 10k pot for threshold as suggested in Moosapotamus docs, works great. I don’t have frequency counter yet to aid with setting up trimpots so I just dialled in the settings you used as shown in your pictures above and it sounded awesome! Tried 3 different MN3007 chips and all sounded different, I guess that means trimpots are tweaked against MN3007’s individually? What a cool addition to my collection. Once again, thanks Harald!

  5. Hi Lennart,
    I think you can solve most of this by clever lead dressing/wiring. I don’t have any oscillation or noise to speak of in my build (I might have been lucky).

  6. Awesome vero! Thanks a lot, the flanger sounds beautiful πŸ™‚ But unfortunately its a bit noisy (like self-oscillation bleeping) especially if the enhance knob is on max. I am able to get rid of the bleep with the threshold (noise gate) knob, but when I play the guitar, during the rather extreme settings the bleep is quite present and annoying… Might this something like crosstalk? Would shielded wire maybe help?
    – a great fan of your page,

  7. Sorry I didn’t get around to answering you in time, Alan, but I’m happy to hear you’ve resolved it πŸ™‚ Will bookmark that video, thanks!

  8. Hi Harald,
    I’ve built this and just trying to calibrate it, its flanging but I’m getting a bit of weird distortion. Do you have a cross refernce of the IC numbers against the schematic by moosapotamus, this would help a lot. Also are the trim pots numbered the same ?
    I never thought I’d see a vero layout for something as complex as this, you’re crazy man. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for verifying the Ultra Flanger for me, Agung. And I’m very happy to hear you like the ADA one, I do too!

  10. I have built ultra flanger , and it works but it some noise and thick..so i m try A/DA flanger,and its work like a charm,.very quites ! Thanks harald

  11. As far as I know nobody has tried this yet. I’m building this one now, but it’ll take me a while. Feel free to give it a try, but you might run into a small mistake or two on the way.

  12. great man..
    i have built some project by your vero layout..
    and now im interested in with ada flanger..
    so have you tried it..??
    does it verified??
    if u have a video i will appreciate..
    keep moving on sabro..

  13. Thanks guys. I fully intend to build this as soon as I get my hands on all the parts, but do let me know if you finish this first πŸ˜‰

  14. Man, i need to take my hat off for you trying to make this vero.

    nice one, hope that some one will verify this for you πŸ˜€

  15. You sir. are a crazy man. I thought the aqua puss was bad. This takes it to a whole new level!

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