I figured I wanted to try a DI box for recording without having to set up a microphone etc. A colleague of mine recommended the Hughes & Kettner “Red Box” as an excellent specimen, and I was able to locate a schematic for the MkII version. Being a small circuit creating a vero layout for this one didn’t take long. I haven’t confirmed it yet, but will do so soon.

PS! Be careful if you decide to build and try this. Always connect a load to your amp, be it your regular speakers or an attenuator, otherwise it can be damaged.

Update (20.01.2013): Finally verified, thanks to Alexander.

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7 thoughts on “H&K Red Box MkII

  1. Fr-FR,
    This is a purely guitar oriented effect, by general rule everything in guitarland is very high impedance (very low signal level).
    On the other hand, everything on vocalland is low impedance (means higher signal level), so any microphone that you plug into any guitar effect or device will distort somehow.
    I even dare to say that vocals thru a guitar speaker simulator will sound like a mildly colored, distorted megaphone.

  2. I have zero experience with vocal stuff, so I couldn’t tell. But you should have at least a few volts of headroom.

  3. It is because,i have tried to use this one as a D.I out for a vocal effect and i have a slight distortion.
    I thought it was because of the cab sim,but maybe not ?

  4. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I was under the impression the cab sim is pretty much all there is to this box? Can you clarify what you mean?

  5. It does require +9V DC (track “k”, left side).
    The output from your amp goes to “speaker in”, and make absolutely sure you’ve also connected a speaker or dummy load in “speaker thru”. Ideally you should get your hand on the original RedBox manual (should be downloadable somewhere) for proper setup and operation description.

  6. Hi.This schematic doesn’t need 9v power?Also the output of the amp should be connected to line in or speaker in?

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