Just a small update on something else I’ve been tinkering with lately, namely my second amp build. I’ve been planning to do this for at least a year now, but parts are really expensive to import and I’ve had to source a little at a time over a course of many months. This has of course also allowed me to draw, think, redraw, rethink and redraw everything a few times to where I think I’m happy with it.

The parts count is quite intimidating and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to fit it all in this 16″ x 8″ x 2″ Hammond chassis. At the very least it’ll be a great learning experience, and hopefully I’ll get it working without too much debugging and redoing. Fingers crossed!

More to come soon, and I’ll also post schematics etc. when I have something I know actually works.

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4 thoughts on “Amp #2 – Parts

  1. Hi, Harald hope all is well.
    I’ve been looking at your parts and i cant figure out what you are building.
    It looks like an AC30, but that would need 2 more el84’s. But i like the mystery.
    I think i told you b4 that i just recently built 2 amps and i used point to point on my tweed, which was fun. I shoehorned all the guts in a small chassis and that was the most rewarding. I cant wait for you to update us with what you are going to build.
    Remember when testing, and power on, to do it with one hand bedind your back (I used my wifes oven mitts when i first powered mine.) Ha
    Good luck to you, cheers bro.

  2. Finger crossed here! That’s very exciting, designing your own amp. I’ll be checking for update regularly. More power to you!

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