I’ve enjoyed previous circuits by Bajaman and, needing an ABY box, I thought I’d give this one a try. As usual the layout has yet to be verified. Let me know if you do.

Update (03.12.2011): I built this the other day and experienced some problems. I’m looking into it now. Probably a good idea not to build this right now.

Update (04.12.2011): Fixed. There was a small mistake on the schematic and I had to rework a good part of the vero layout to solve this. Built this last night and this is now verified.

Update (24.01.2012): I actually finished this a few days ago and I’m very happy both with how it works and also how it came out in the end.

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4 thoughts on “Baja Silent Selector

  1. Hi, can I use this to use two amps at the same time without any ground noise problems?

  2. BP = bipolar, or non-polar if you like. It’s either a regular capacitor (those are all bipolar) or a special kind of electrolytic that can be oriented either way. A regular capacitor in this size will undoubtedly be physically large. A bipolar electrolytic can physically be really small , but retains the less desirable characteristics of electrolytes; poor tolerance and a short life span.

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