5 thoughts on “Brown Sound in a Box II

  1. No suggestions from me, sorry. I can only encourage you to go over everything twice and look for mistakes. For what it’s worth my build from the same layout sounded as expected, similar to what you’ll find on youtube.

  2. Hi…not sure what ive done with this one..its either very thin bass wise ( to the point it hurts your ears ) or very muffled with more tone added..there is a sweet spot…( if you can call it that )…but still dont sound right to my ears…any suggestions

  3. It works, sounds like a modded Marshall, thick high gain. I set the trimpot to where the volume dynamics sounded best. Verified, thanks for the layout 🙂

  4. I should have this verified tonight, I have the board populated, just need to wire up the controls and test it.

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