6 thoughts on “DOD 250 Overdrive

  1. 1. Use a 500k audio/log pot, but wire it in reverse. Downside is it’s going to work in the opposite direction too.
    2. Use a 500k linear. It’ll give you a slightly changed taper, but will probably work out just fine.
    3. Use the 1M reverse log/reverse audio pot, but add a 1M resistor in parallel between lugs #1 and #3. You’ll get the reverse taper action, and you’ll get 1M || 1M = 500k resistance.

  2. Hey Harald! I have a small question for you. I couldn’t find a 500k reverse audio pot so can I use a reverse audio of 1M?? Or an audio of 500K?? Thank you !!

  3. Built it yesterday. Sounds great!
    Used 22pF instead of 25pF as “C5”.

  4. Just finished mine and it sounds really good. Nice simple build and really adds some teeth to my tone. One of the few pedals I didn’t have to trouble shoot at all. Thanks for the layouts, Harald. So far I’ve built this, the devi ever soda meiser, the rebote delay, the flatline compressor, the big muff creamy dreamer, and the catalinbread heliotrope. Looking forward to doing the systech harmonic energizer, the maestro fsh and the fuzz factory. I hope the mutron gets figured out someday… Cheers

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