I don’t know much about this effect other than it’s a tremolo of some sort, and I’m sure it sounds nice. Let me know if you verify the layout.

Update (13.12.2011): Thanks to Mark for verifying the layout as working.

Update (10.02.2012): I finished my build tonight. The internals look a bit messy ’cause I didn’t really feel like being too neat this time; just wanted to get this thing up and running. It’s great fun and a cool project.

Update (15.02.2013): As requested her are working voltages from my own build for debugging purposes:

Battery at 8.97v, all pots fully CW, and speed indicator LED on and flashing quite fast.

U0 U1 U2
1 +7.53V +3.76V ~+4.5-5V
2 0V +3.76V ~+4.8V
3 +8.97V +3.74V ~+4.9V
4 0V 0V
5 +3.74V ~+4.8V
6 +3.76V ~+4.8V
7 +3.69V ~+4.8V
8 +7.54V +7.54V

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19 thoughts on “Request: Tremulus Lune

  1. Hi harald,

    And finally my tremulus lune works very, very, very fine, thx a lot for your help and the working voltages!!!
    Great layout.


  2. Hi Harald,
    Yes I have checked out the debugging section, but nothing that I ever do…
    Wiring, cut lines, continuity… Strange thing is that I have the same voltage, to Led socket, 0.05 V -.-!
    Last week I have rebuilt the layout, same problem.
    New components arrive this week, perhaps my 4558 was dead ?! Or bad 78L09.
    I say you
    All the best


  3. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, antoine. I’ll try to get you voltages, but in the meantime have you checked out the debugging section?

  4. hi guys=

    I turn crazy!! led do not pulse on the socket.
    The 4558 pulse if I tick a led on it.
    I have only 0,05 V on led socket, not enought.
    Is it possible to give me the right voltage on all IC pins of the 4558 and TL 072?
    I don’t understand where I have a mystake?
    Really need help

    All the best


  5. I built this the day before yesterday but can’t seem to get it working properly. I have signal through all the way through but I can’t get a tremolo effect going. LED is on constantly, when I turn down the Smooth it turns off almost completely. You could say that’s the dip in the wave, but it stays down forever. Any tips where to begin looking?


  6. Aaand it works! For those wondering, the symmetry mod is just a B500K pot and two SI diodes (I used 1n4148’s). The wiring is like the one specified on the PDF from earlier, only the connections are Symmetry 2 -> Fine 2 and the diode junction on the Symmetry pot goes to Speed 3, and there you have it. Also figured out the culprit for the lack of LED brightness, it was the 78L09 which I put in for some reason. After taking it out and jumpering it, the circuit was much louder and the LED shined as bright as ever. So I’d advise against using the 78L09 and simply putting extra caution to not plugging it into anything above 9V. Now I just have to figure out how to fit a 7 potentiometer circuit board into a B sized enclosure πŸ˜€

  7. Just built this, I had trouble with a regular LED/LDR combo so I used a VTL5C2 and it works like a charm now. The only thing I’ve noticed is that it seems the depth pot is reverse to some standard, the depth increases counterclockwise. An easy fix but just thought I’d mention it. Also, I’m having trouble lighting up the indicator LED, only 3mm red ones seem to work. I’ll add the symmetry mod in a few minutes to see how that works out.

    Anyways, great layout!

  8. I’d be interesting in seeing what Mark did differently because mine isn’t working.

  9. Well the symmetry mod is very simple, here’s a diagram for it: http://commonsound.org/tremulus/symmetry.pdf
    It enables the tremolo to go from ramp-up to ramp down, with it being symmetric in the middle. Maybe one of those pots with notches in the middle would be good for perfectly placing it at 50%, but that’s just corksniffing πŸ˜€ .
    The dual LFO makes the second one modulate the first one, it gets some rather interesting sounds, at least from the clips I’ve heard. Here’s a layout, it’s the only thing I’ve found so far: http://commonsound.org/tremulus/auxlfo_modulate.pdf
    And the site for all of this, but I’m guessing this could be where you got the schematic from in the first place πŸ˜€


  10. And just today I started breadboarding this. I’ll have it built by the end of next week. But I’m also gonna add the Symmetry mod for added fun. Also, you should look into the dual LFO mod for this thing, it seems awesome.
    Looking forward tot his build πŸ˜‰

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