I’ve had questions on how do the graphics for my builds. Since I’m not that good at explaining I thought I’d just post an actual vector graphics file.

I draw these in Inkscape (available for free) and this one in particular is what I used on my “Sabro Drive One” build, sans the background image (which I didn’t draw, and hence won’t post either).

Sabro Drive One 1590B graphics (right-click, Save As)

Print it out as-is on regular paper and use as a drill template. When it’s time to print the actual graphics on transparent film remember to first remove the black guide lines and the pot/led/switch placeholders.

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One thought on “Example enclosure graphics

  1. Thanks Harald, legendary. I also use Inkscape, but I’ve only used it to thicken out ground planes on press n’ peel layouts. Never even thought of using it for that. Crazy! Thanks bud. Milkit

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