3 thoughts on “Frantone Peachfuzz

  1. Sorry to confuse but didn’t realise that my 1st post had gone through so please ignore it. Pedal does work with out any major surgery except I’d change the tone and fuzz pot lugs 123’s to 321’s. Think originally I just had a bad connection somewhere. The R6 change just allows you to totally clean up the fuzz if need be. With the fuzz rolled off it makes a suprisingly nice boost which I guess is a bonus.

  2. Verified. Nice pedal, will definitely be boxing this one. Changed R6 to 4K7 as per the Dirtytoys schematic. Many thanks.

  3. This had been on my to-do list too long. Got it working with the following alterations.
    Minor- change tone pot around to 3>2>1 to add treble as opposed to removing it.
    Major- R6 moved to L14>M14 (4K7 in schematic I used), R6 moved to K13>Q13. Fuzz pot now works 2>3>1.
    A nice sounding fuzz, better than I expected. Many thanks.

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