I did the “Janglebox mod” for the DynaComp in the past. This time Plesur over at freestompboxes traced an actual unit and produced a schematic, and here’s a vero layout according to said schematic.

Update (20.08.2011): Populated and tested the layout today. I had to reorient the Sustain pot, and the layout has been updated accordingly and is now verified.

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8 thoughts on “Janglebox

  1. Amazing compressor, built in a couple of hours, and off we went.
    As always, THANK YOU HARALD

  2. Well – As an update I dropped a 22nF in parallel with C2. This increases your low end with the switch in the bass position. I’m also going to drop in a DC coupling cap on the input to try and reduce some noise associated with it. If you rebuild, I’d recommend that mod to the circuit.

    Stay tuned!

  3. Hi Ryan,
    I have to admit it has been years since I looked at that circuit and my memory isn’t helping me much here. From what I can recall I was also less than impressed with the “bass” side of things while happy with the “jangle” side. Just thinking, but could it make more of a difference on a bass guitar?
    I no longer have the circuit at hand so I can’t test it for you.

  4. Harald – This is a great build. Is there any way to reduce the low end when the ‘jangle’ switch is in the middle position? SW1 has a nice bass tone and SW3 is the jangle I’m looking for; however, SW1 and SW2 sound extremely similar. Any thoughts would be extremely helpful.

  5. Not yet, but do let me know if you try it. I’ll do it myself eventually, but right now I have so many things going on it’s a bit down on my list.

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