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  1. Hey beautiful people,
    I found this website and I can’t believe more people are not on it, I can’t believe the last comment was from 10 yrs ago 0.0
    …anyhow, I will try to do it wiAthout a link and compare it to other schematics and hopefully, it will work (I will let you guys know ) but can anybody tell me or show me ( it would be even better ) how to connect input and output correctly… like where do I connect the ground and where the ins and outs from the board, I guess I know the answer but I just wanted to ask in case there is a trick to it or something I’ll miss.. either way after 8 yrs of not soldering and after my old analog synth project that was my last build ( MFOS Mini-Synth-Plus ) I came back to soldering cause I wanted to reactivate my old hobby and saw this schematic and thought I give it a go…
    Hopefully, there is someone still here, I would love to talk synths, pedals, soldering, schematics, and all…
    Much love you y’all , XO from one Oliver from Belgrade, Serbia 🙂 and hope to hear from any of you if you’re are still alive and well which i really hope you are even if you don’t answer 🙂
    Much Love!
    Oliver S.

  2. I’ve just done a wooly mammoth following your layout, my first build !
    It’s working fine i guess, kind of a crazy one 🙂 Thanks

  3. Bob, I may have added that myself, for power filtering/smoothing. You can feel free to leave it out, though it should have zero impact on the sound of the unit other than maybe make it a bit quieter with a noisy power supply.

  4. Hey Harald,

    I’ve checked out a handful of other layouts and yours is the only one to include C7.

    I was just wondering if this is some sort of modification, or if everyone else is doing it wrong.


  5. Hard to make out in the picture, but it looks correct at first glance. Do you know the problem is with the wiring and not the circuit itself (i.e. did you confirm it worked before you started wiring)? If it is indeed a problem with the wiring you could go over every connection with a continuity checker (on your DMM) and double check it all (and make sure you haven’t got a broken wire or a cold solder/bridge somewhere). Maybe the switch is bad (I’ve had a few of those 3PDTs fail)?
    Other than that I can only point you to the debugging section. Hope you solve it, Piero.

  6. Hi harald, i’m trying to make the mammoth, but i have a problem in the wiring.
    http://i43.tinypic.com/o9hmb9.jpg this is what i did, can you tell me where is the problem? in the fuzz i connected only the lug 2 to ground.
    i cant put the led for now.

  7. Tim,
    I have no idea, never heard of it (though I don’t usually pay close attention to these things 😉 ). Do let us know if you dig up any useful info on this.

  8. Hi Harald
    Iv been asked by a friend to make him a mammoth, but he says theres one going round with a bass cut switch for guitar and also a mod switch he describes as a sonic mammoth…any ideas ??

  9. HI Tim,
    I think I have got the same problem as you.
    The gain seems to stay the same up to 2/3 of the pot sweep .., to then open to an incredible powerfull fuzz.

    Can you please detail how you fixed the problem ?


  10. I have no idea how the original unit works, I went with how the schematic wanted it. It’s a linear pot so it should work ether way.

  11. Hi H
    Just made this and im wondering wots wot ..is the Bite supposed to be a ” cut ” ?..had full on at normal start position..this kinda stayed constant to 2/3rds around the sweep..then i get the starved fuzz kinda thing…..change the wires around on the bite and it works as i would expect….but no one else has commented on this…sounds good anyway lol

  12. “Any point on your build that is grounded is usually fine”

    ground is anything that connects to the metal box, right? can i just ground everything together in the sleeve lug of the jacks, or, sand a little the back of a pot and put all the grounds there?

  13. Hi Nelson. Offboard wiring:
    – Connect “Fuzz” lug #2 (lug #1 is optional) to ground. Any point on your build that is grounded is usually fine.
    – Connect “EQ” lug #2 to “Volume” lug #3.
    – Connect “Volume” lug #1 to any ground point.
    – “Volume” lug #2 is your signal output, so depending on what wiring scheme you’re following you may have to connect this at different locations. If you follow my true-bypass wiring (illustration in the “schematics & drawings” section) you connect “Volume” lug #2 to lug#7 on the 3PDT (you can see this as the blue wire running down from the “volume” pot, passing underneath the output jack and connecting to the upper right-hand lug on the stomp switch).

    Hope that helps. Good luck building! 🙂

  14. Sorry, can you explain the off board wiring? i dont understand those 2 wires from the volume pot (first lug. ground). i see that one connected on the output ground, but the other one, i cant see in the photo and cant figure it out. lol. sorry about this lame questions, im newbie. thanks again!

  15. I would think not. I gave my build away, but I can’t imagine it gave less than unity output, rather I would think it should give a lot more.

  16. Hey, I’ve just finish the wooly mammoth, it’s great, thank you!
    Anyway I’ve notice a great loss in volume output..it works perfectly but I have to rise the amp volume..is it normal?

  17. Hi Luca. It depends on whether you plan on running just a battery, just a DC jack, or both. If you build it to only run from a power supply you can use mono 1/4″ jacks for both input and output. If you want to include a battery as well you want a stereo 1/4″ jack for the input and a mono for the output (you use the stereo input jack to make or break the battery to ground connection thus saving your battery when you don’t have a cable connected).

  18. Hey Harald! I’m approaching the DIY world and I’m planning to build this pedal.. I’m going to order all the pieces and I’m not sure about which kind of jack I have to use.. Stereo input and mono output or both stereo? Maybe it’s a stupid question but I’m a newbie.. (forgive my bad English, I’m an Italian)

  19. Unfortunately I’m not of much help. Have you checked that all your cuts properly break the track and there’s no shorts anywhere (DMM continuity function is handy for these tasks).

  20. I am at a loss. I swapped out the pot, but same deal. Everything works except for tone. Can you provide any guidance?

  21. I checked all the connections to the pot. I’ll try swapping out the pot tonight. I have only built about a dozen or so pedals and haven’t had a pot fail on me yet, so I didn’t think to try. Will let you know. Thanks!

  22. Hey Harald, I built based on your layout, and it sounds awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this. I do have a question though. Everything works perfectly except for the tone control. I have rechecked and reflowed everything like 7 or 8 times. It still sounds great even without tone control, but my anal retentive side won’t let this go. Do you have any thoughts? Many thanks.

  23. Hey, I’ve just built this one and with a bass it’s absolutely incredible! Thanks for all the layouts!

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