MXR DynaComp vero layout

Here’s my take on a layout of the famous MXR DynaComp compressor effect.

MXR DynaComp vero layout

Update (15.01.2011): Based on a discussion at freestompboxes I decided to modify my beloved DynaComp with an optional switch to give it a Jangle Box sound. I modified my existing layout to accommodate the extra switch and created a new vero layout. I love it!

MXR DynaComp w/ "Jangle Box" mod


I originally had it fitted in a Hammond 1590S. In retrospect I wish I had housed in a smaller box. Maybe I’ll do another one.

Update (14.08.2010): Since I finished the DynaComp project a good while ago I’ve come to really like this effect, and I thought it was time to give this pedal a nicer representation. I originally housed it in an unfinished Hammond 1590S, a fairly large and unwieldy metal box, but yesterday I finally got around to giving it a new home, a nice and shiny red 1290, making it look a lot more like the original. Incidentally this is the first time I work with the 1290 enclosure as well, and it really was a tight fit, but the small size really makes up for the extra effort.

Update (20.10.2011): Fixed dead picture link.

Update (04.11.2011): Reversed wiring on the Sustain pot in both layouts. Thanks Ben.

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9 thoughts on “MXR DynaComp

  1. No sound…and i try two times from the begin 😳 is my CA3080E set fail?… I don’t know what happen. Is my first schematic in my life that not work.. Any ideas?

  2. Hi! i have similar issue with it. I finished the dynacomp kit from musikding and nothing sounds, maybe a solder problem, but now i see that you mentioned the pots, anyone solved it?? thanks!!

  3. Sabro, C3=10nF isn’t the correct value; the tone is too dark for my opinion. I tried 1nF and it’s all right! All the best! G

  4. Joel, I really can’t tell. I’m not familiar with what versions that are out there and what differences, if any, they may have between them. But I’m pretty sure it can be done with all versions one way or another.

  5. Harald, can you help me? Can the “Janglebox Mod” be done to any version of the MXR/Dunlop Dynacomp, or will it only apply to certain revisions?

  6. I’m sorry, but this means you get to debug which will bring you lots of experience. Start by double checking every component, wiring etc, then move on to the debugging article at (link in the upper left corner). Hope you sort it out.

    PS! Yes, the layout has been verified by several others as working, so there’s probably a mistake somewhere.

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